Friday, October 21, 2011

Believe in Yourself!

In front of St. Luke's Theatre

What can I say about my evening with Chip Coffey? I can sum it all up by saying that I walked away from that event knowing that all it begins with BELIEVING IN YOURSELF.

The evening began with my brother and sister in law kindly coming over to babysit for us which is not an easy feat since they live in another part of New York. The train ride went smooth and we reached the theatre at 6pm and the talk didn't start until 7:30pm. We grabbed some "not worth six bucks" pizza and I went in at 6:30pm hoping to get a seat in the front row since all the tickets were Super VIP. I sat second to last in the front row towards the left and a wonderful lady sat next to me. She also came alone so we ended up chatting quite a bit although I felt out of practice with adult conversation and was slightly exhausted by that time. But I was excited and sleepy but happy to be there.

The stage where Chip sat with his Coke Cola LOL

When Chip Coffey came out it was such an awesome feeling and a reminder to me that we are in fact all superstars. He is just a regular guy who makes a living off of his talents and gifts--we are all capable of that. He chatted a bit about  himself and then began part one of the night which was a question and answer session. I was all ears throughout the evening. After that and a little break there was a reading session where we raised our hands and he would go to where he was called to go-either a psychic or medium question.

I did not get a reading--I instinctively knew I wouldn't. Many times throughout the evening I was reminded over and over again that I HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS INSIDE ME. I am not a lost person or a person needing guidance which doesn't mean I don't need the occasional advice or opinion. I thought I was a wee bit lost after the birth of my baby but I am 100% convinced that doing pinup has helped me get refocused on myself, my needs, and keeping me creative as well as creating a social outlet for myself.

What took me by surprise was how many people asked common sense questions and like my friend Rocio always tell mes, "Common sense just isn't that common." I felt sympathy for those needing and I mean NEEDING the guidance of a psychic because even Chip knows that we should listen to our inner voice. Listening is half the battle and faith can assist in that.

There were many times when Chip would say something and I found myself nodding my head in agreement. Things like, "Be happy", "Go after what you want", "Life is not complicated-people complicate it"....basically he wanted people to know that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.

Its a belief I used to teach my girls when I was a teacher and its something I thought I forgot in myself but listening to him say all the things I say to others or to myself just reaffirmed in me that I have been on the right track all along. I have more faith in myself than I thought I did and my confidence is a lot more than I have acknowledged.

You just have to say to yourself, I AM DOING THIS AND I AM GOING TO MAKE IT HAPPEN. That's it-its that simple. I think people tend to focus on the negative so much (usually because its easier to do) that they forget that they are capable of achieving whatever goal they set out to do.

When I first started my blog I shared with you my challenges: lack of time and funds, as well as my disability. But I don't care about those things anymore. I will become a Vintage Pinup Model because I say I am and that's that. It is going to take me longer than it would others but I will accomplish this goal.

The evening also reminded me to not take for granted my biggest dream that came true which was becoming a wife and mother. I am even more dedicated now to take out more time to enjoy the little things. For example, my little Papi (my two yr old) is obsessed with socks and he needs to wear a different one on each foot if not he gets very upset. I must help him put back on the socks twenty times a day and I get tired and somewhat annoyed by it but now I just kiss his feet and enjoy the process of putting on his sock twenty times. Now I do it with more joy because I was reminded that night that children really do grow fast and one day he will be a man and mama will NOT be putting on his socks for him LOL

Meeting Chip at a quick Meet and Greet :)

The last bit of the night was a ghost hunt of sorts. We stayed seated and he had the light turned off. He used a technique using small flashlights and having them at the setting that was on but close to off (hard to explain). He spoke out loud and it was interesting but when he told the spirits they are free to touch us I said HELL NO to myself! If something did I would have yelled a loud curse word and ran out of there quickly. I don't like to mess with that stuff. It will always be a mystery and would like it to remain so for me LOL

You may be wondering why the heck did I want to go in the first place? Well because I think he is awesome and he really is-a lovely man indeed. I also wanted to see what I could get out of it and what I got was that I BELIEVE IN MYSELF. I always have, I just needed a little nudge, a reminder that all is well and that I am doing good *smile*

At the Shake Shack right after the show

On our way to the train after the event was finished, my husband and I saw the Shake Shack, a place we have seen on television a dozen times and I convinced him we HAD to go in and at least try one burger out. OMG to die for! We have already made plans to go in November on a date and share some yummy burgers and have a beer! We rarely go out on a date so I am excited by our plans!

On our way back home!

It was defiantly an evening well spent. I did something different, made a new friend, met Chip Coffey, learned new things and the event reaffirmed the things I already knew. I also spent a few hours away from mommyhood and all in all it was a lovely time out. So grateful to my husband for making it happen. Thank you honey!!!



  1. what a lucky ducky, getting to meet chip coffey! i love him. and that picture of you two together is adorable!

  2. Thank you so much doll! It was super fun to do!! xox


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