Saturday, October 8, 2011

Makeup Time with Stila!

My Stila package!

Okay so I have been meaning to blog about the Stila makeup package that I won from this amazing blog called Retro Girls Guide, so here it is--my amazing stash! I didn't need a train case before but now I do! LOL

Recently my husband and I have been entering a different phase in our financial status-we are facing some difficult challenges ahead of us. Good news is that after we get over this hump we should be in a much better place. The tough parts of all this is now so to give myself a little pick me up and to brighten my day a little bit more I decided to finally try out my beautiful Stila stash of goodies. My hubby played photographer for me and just keep in mind that these pictures were taken at 11pm *chuckle*

My before-late at night with no makeup
and my hair all crazy hehehe

I decided to start with the Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer , I am fascinated with a product that both moisturizes and gives a adds a little color to your complexion. I typically moisturizer my face in the morning and sometimes at night with Aveeno Moisturizer. When I do put a little makeup on I use Stay Matte Sheer Pressed Powder. I love Clinique's products and have been using this particular product for years because its good for sensitive skin.

It was creamy and smooth and not heavy at all. It even smells super nice-I was impressed. I didn't try everything I received in my package because it was late at night and I just didn't want to have anything too heavy on my face. So I used the mascara which let me say is FABULOUS! The tube is thick and easy for my hands to use and the applicator is lovely-it just glides on.

The shape of the tube is great for those who
have problems with their hands like I do :)

After the mascara I used the Convertible Color in Lillium which is both a lip and cheek cream. I used it on my cheek and used the Silk Shimmer Luxe Gloss in Kitten and it was pur-fect! It defiantly shimmers and it also smells kind of like cocoa butter-yum!

Very simple makeup.

You might not see the difference because I normally have rosy cheeks but after the tinted moisturiser my rosy cheeks were gone. I used Convertible Color in Rose very lightly on my cheeks.

To change my look up a bit more I applied the Convertible Color in Rose on my lips and I loved the results. I will defiantly be using this very often. How convenient to use on both your cheeks and lips!

Ta-da! I am all ready to go out...ugh
not at 11pm though lol

It was fun to play around with all my pretty goodies. I look forward to trying out the other products as well which include some eye brushes, liquid liner, stila smudge gel eye liner, a four eye shadow compact, and a long wear lip color in caprice.

It felt good to do this and I highly recommend doing something to make yourself feel good especially in tough times-its worth it and every little bit helps to lift the spirit!

And a special thanks to Rosina from Retro Girls Guide for this amazing giveaway and package!!!


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