Thursday, April 18, 2013

What's in Your Makeup Bag?

What's in your Make Up Bag?
Ever wondered what Lucille Ball, Rita Hayworth, or Eartha Kitt had in their make up bags? How neat would it have been to be able to see products these stunning women used!!!?

Make up should be used to enhance your beauty or make you feel amazing. I basically always used  Clinque Powder and lipsticks.  When I became a mom, I just moisturized and put on lip gloss-the end. But becoming a vintage girl has peeked my interest more in make up and how to doll up properly. 

It has been fun so far I must admit. I know a few vintage gals who wear their make up similar to the way Hollywood starlets did in their heyday, but the kind of look I want to achieve is more like the average vintage girl. Not as heavy but yet still vintagey looking. I'm sure you all know what I mean :)

So here is a glimpse into my Make Up bag!

Having a fun make up bag sets the tone for me. I love Anne Taintor-don't you?!
My basics are these: Instant Age Rewind Primer by Maybelline, Clinique Face Powder, Clinique Concealer, Almay Under Eye Concealer, and Lip Primer by Urban Decay.

I cannot say enough about the primer I use. It makes your face feel silky smooth and it smells great! Best part is that it is under $10!! The only part of my basics that I wouldn't totally recommend is my lip primer. I can say that its okay but not fantastic and I am in a search for another one to try.
The next "layer" of make up consists of: Stila Cream Blush (can be used on lips also), Stila Mascara, Besame Red Lipstick, MAC Russian Red Lipstick, and Two Coral Lipsticks from Wet 'n Wild. Not included (because it doesn't fit into my make up bag lol) are my red lipstick liner and eyebrow pencil.

I highly recommend the Stila Cream Blush-I adore it. I am still experimenting with lipsticks. For everyday non-vintagey use I usually either use my Carmex lip gloss or a maroon pink lipstick. I love my Besame Red and am experimenting with my MAC Russian Red at the moment. While in MO, I purchased two shades of Coral lipstick and I like them very much. I want to continue exploring into the world of lipsticks and find the best shades for my complexion.

Overall, I am defiantly going to use more Instant Age Rewind products from Maybelline. I am also going to continue searching for a better lip primer and mascara. As well as look into better products to shape my eyebrows better.

This is all such a learning process but like I said, it really has been fun. I think its important to know what sort of look you want to achieve and to stick with the products that work best on your complexion as well as bring out the best in you.

I hope you enjoyed taking a little peak into my make up bag!

So.....What is in your make up? What products do you highly recommend?



  1. Fun post. I also love Besame lipstick. Wish they'd offer me free samples lol. I'll like to try some of the Dita line but it's hard to get ahold of here. I'd also like to sample her perfume. I've been getting into brushes as of late too. It also makes a difference how the makeup is applied. I love Paula Dorf brushes. If I could recommend just one great brush to have it would an eye primer brush. I like to use it to apply concealer. But, also great to apply base to eye.

  2. I have also been working on putting more effort into my look in the mornings. Some days it's just really impossible (college does that sort of thing to you), but I think I've got a quick, naturally vintage routine down. Personally, I LOVE my bright red and hot pinkish-red Estee Lauder lipsticks, and I use a pencil to fill in my *nearly nonexistant* eyebrows most days as well.
    Thanks for the peek in your makeup bag!

  3. fun post :D
    i recently bought a sisley red lipstick (L33)- gorgeous and their ruby lipliner (THE BEST lipstick liner ive ever purchased) as i was searching for a red for my complexionwhen i started fixing my hair up in victory rolls and dabbling in vintage looks. i had about 30 shades of red on my hands in the make up store lol. Christine, my make-up dealer, uh i mean, "conseillère"at my favorite "parfumerie", marionnaud, helped me narrow it down.
    I must say that the sisley is quite expensive but oh man is it good - the liner goes on so well, both are infused with essential oils, the colors are so rich and saturated. but man do they BLEED! no lip primer the day i was looking and all they had anyhow would be urban decay and after seeing your comment i might not want that one. fleur of diary of a vintage girl highly recommends MAC primer. That said i have a gorgeous powder compact from years back i bought from guerlain. i feel like an art deco glamour queen when i pull that out ;D. and ive found that dusting powder over fully lined and liner colored in lips and then applying the lipstick has worked super well.
    I mix mascaras. I have one that gives really great full lashes (urban decay big fatty)but tends to run if alone and doesnt lengthen at all. and one that lengthens well (lancôme hypnôse) but makes them scrawny. between the two ive found a great combo. :D
    i use makeup forever waterproof cream eyeshadow in black for my liner with the same brand liner brush. that's sephora's brand here - not sure if same in usa.
    my eternal quest is a good foundation and powder. recently have been using mineral ones (bare minerals and urban decay) but im about to try a "BB crème".
    I dont use blush. i have a ruddyish complexion and if i use blush i look dirty. my skin has plenty of color without it though
    I feel so pretty with my red lips and cat's eyes. my dh does not like that look at all! or my hair - he calls me wolverine. but he's been very critical of my body since i had my kids and im finally refusing the thigns he's been saying and he's stopped saying them! i think i was letting myself be a victim. now im doing what i feel good as, and if he doesnt like it, too bad. that said if i'm going to be home all day with him or going out shopping with him i either tone it down or wear no makeup at all and no vintage hairstyle he's happier that way and i still feel nice on occasion when i get dolled up. phew! i think my comment was as long as your post lol! just i love makeup and you got me goin' lol ;)

  4. I love makeup but lately I'm having a lot of trouble with irritated itchy eyelids. So I am looking for non-irritating or maybe "natural" eye products. I love lipstick. One of my favorite brands is Shiseido. Pricy but lasts a long time. I have a really cute blush called Hot Mama with a vintagey lady picture on the front. It's a nice peachy pink with a touch of shimmer.

  5. I use that Maybelline primer too and I love it, makes my face feel like satin. Most all of my makeup is something that you can buy at the local drugstore or walmart, though, because we have no makeup stores near by and the closest mall with a makeup counter is about 1 1/2 hours away so I dont get there very often. Oh the joys of small town life. =) Ive really been wanting to try that Besame lipstick and also would like to try the Urban Decay Naked eyeshadows. They are on my list of future purchases. Its a long list, by the way. HA!

    Fun post!

  6. Oh thanks, girl! I was wondering the other day "what was that awesome primer I borrowed while she was in town?!" I need to buy a tube of that asap!! My go to is NYX eyeshadows, NYX Curve liner, Maybelline Full N Soft Mascara and the cheap lipsticks we bought while you were in town...on and Coty airspun powder :P

  7. I'm not much of a make-up wearer, but I do have tubes of red and pink lipstick handy for when I dress vintage...of course, I have to remember to put in on, which I forgot to do today. :p

    An interesting vintage make-up fact (that I wouldn't necessarily recommend) that came from my grandma and great-aunt: In the 40's they and their friends didn't always have enough money to buy matching lipstick and rouge, so frequently they'd just buy lipstick, put a dab on their cheek, and rub it in a little! Perfect match in color and they saved a bit on money!

  8. Lovely post, dear Bunny - I can really relate to the mix of drugstore and department store brands that you use (I'm the same way). I swear by MAC Russian Red, classic Maybelline Great Lash mascara, Joe Fresh black liquid eyeliner, and Clinique moisturizer (any and all!), and really tend to stick with a product once I find one that does the job well for me.

    ♥ Jessica


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