Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Lessons Learned While Traveling

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I cannot believe it has been a week since I visited Brittany. Gee, time sure does pass by quickly doesn't? I am sure you already know that we had a blast being together. There is nothing more special than when two people can come together in friendship and enjoy each other's company. I feel so blessed and grateful to call Brittany my friend.

I didn't have a lot of time to think or ponder while I was there but the moments just before I went to sleep every night, I did think about my family. I reflected on some of the things I had been planning on changing.

One of my Facebook friends who has two children a wee bit older than mine said it best.  She basically told me that parents constantly have to readjust and change how they do things as the children get older. And she is so right! I had my three babies in a span of four years and truly relished every moment of their babyhood. But I think now my family is growing in that the children are becoming kids. My eldest will be six this August, my first son will be four next month, and my youngest will be three in the Fall. 

I have been feeling ready since about February for this next stage in my life. When we decided to repaint and reorganize our home, it hit me that I was ready to pack away the bassinet. I didn't want to do it until I was ready, and I am now. 

Going away was fantastic but coming home I realized that it is time my husband and I start traveling as a family of five. It means more money and more work but it also means more fun and more joy. When my family came to pick me up at the airport, my daughter ran to me and cried. I cried with her. I wanted to see their faces so badly. I didn't realize how much I missed them. 

When I have been doing my vintagey outings, I usually do them once a month they sleepover papa's house. I thought I could keep my mommy life and my vintage life separate but every time I did go out, I wondered if the babies would have enjoyed it. I know some events should just be with adults and I know that it is important to have dates with my husband. But now I know that it is also important to have my children with me while I am out doing my vintagey thang. 

I am excited for all these changes in my life. We will start painting the beginning of May (dates changed again lol) and I will hopefully create a cleaner and more organized home life for us. And I am already planning on bringing my children along with me for the 8th Annual Jazz Age Lawn Party as well as a trip to the Brooklyn Flea Market this month.  Oh, and I am also taking them to the Chiller Theatre event and if they get to meet Patty Duke with me, how cool is that????! 

My children are a huge part of me, not all of me, but a massive part of my life. I hope that they will enjoy these new adventures that we will be going on soon. I know I will!!!



  1. What a lot of great events to look forward too:)) Lovely picture of you and Brittany:))

    1. I know-I cannot wait! Thank you! I think I am making up for the yrs where we weren't able to do many things at all LOL xox

  2. You'll have fun, Bunny- I promise :)
    We take the kids to all kinds of events with us. Sometimes they get bored, and sometimes not. It usually pays off though. After all, it was frequent trips to antique malls and shows that allowed my DD to spot and identify a civil war bullet in our GARDEN! :)

    1. Ahhh your DD did that-I love that! I think we will too and I hoping hubby will be more excited about it in time. I think him being so tired from wk he just gets so blah about things hehee Oh men! Thanks sweets! xox

  3. So excited for you, sweetie! I've taken my kids along with me to nearly every thrift store, antique mall, vintage hunt, estate sale, flea market and so on...being a mom means you have those little ducklings following you around no matter where you go! :P

  4. How wonderful for your children to experience all of these wonderful parts not only of your vintage lifestyle, but of history. :-)

  5. My two girls come everywhere with me, 1940's events, auctions, antique shops etc, they love it. We instilled the "look with your eyes and not with your hands" at an early age ;-) !!
    Sharing your own passions with your children is all part if the wonderful journey that is motherhood. This new stage of family life is a great one, I'm sure you will enjoy it xx :-)

  6. Thank you for sharing these heartfelt reflections with us, dear Bunny. I think you children are so blessed to have a caring, smart, awesome mom like you.

    ♥ Jessica


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