Sunday, December 2, 2012

Dress Like "Sugarpuss" O'Shea from "Ball of Fire"

I'm so glad many of you enjoyed my spotlight on Barbara Stanwyck for November and also two of her films; Baby Face and Ball of Fire.

I really enjoy doing my "Dress Like" series.  Doing this series allows me to to delve into the fashion part of my brain which has been a blast! Now, I have seen the iconic dress that Sugarpuss wears in the film in both red and gold-the film I saw was in black and white. I believe it to be gold and have no clue why in other photos it is red. Hummmm??? Anyone know why?

Anyhoo-here are some inspirational gold dresses that are just as bedazzling as the one Stanwyck wore. Okay, so no dress can be compared with what she wore because lets be honest-it was made perfectly to fit her slim body. To me this dress is a piece of art!

And of course the incredibly talented Edith Head is behind this masterpiece! There is just no other like it. While searching for some gold sequined sexy dresses that come close to resembling this one-well, let's just say today's definition of sexy is very different. Stanwyck is sexy but has all her essentials properly covered. Today, all the essentials are put on display for all the world to stare it! LOL

So hear is what I found; both vintage and modern dresses.  Hope you like them!
OneTwo, and Three


So what do you think? I know many of them don't even come close but I love all the glitter and bling on these pieces. Still sexy, covering all the essentials, and yet dazzling!

Btw, Happy December!!!



  1. Ooo #3 of the second collage is so pretty!! I'm not usually into sequins, but that one is definitely cute!

  2. Im sorry, what was the question? I was distracted by all of the gorgeous glittery sexiness.

  3. I love number 3 too!! I think.I saw it on color but I can't remember if it was red or gold. The movie poster had her in a red dress though!:)

  4. I'd go with three:) I think I'd need to park myself under the Christmas tree I'd be so sparkly:)

  5. I will take dress number 3, please.

    :) Hope

  6. You can't have to much glitter and sparkle in December :-) I'd go with dress number 2!

  7. Garments like this are so spot on fantastic for the holiday season. If one doesn't sport at least a little glitter or sequins this month, they're thoroughly missing out, IMA! :) Three number three (ideally with a longer skirt) would get my vote, too.

    Have an awesome Monday, hon!
    ♥ Jessica

  8. Not gonna lie, if I had the body of Sugarpuss, I would do everything in my power to find that original dress and wear it EVERY SINGLE DAY. Bahahaha!!! Seriously though, I love these gorgeous little gold dresses you found. I would love to rock one of these NYE. ;)


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