Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bunny's Christmas Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

I know you are really busy right now but I just wanted to say "hi". Okay, I wanted to say "hi" and also put in a kindly reminder that I have been a very good girl this year. I worked on my vices, faced some fears, and always completed my "to-do" lists. I know you usually focus on the kids during this time of year but does a kid at heart still count? Or how about someone with three kids? Or better still...? Okay, okay so I am a grown adult woman writing a letter to Santa. It doesn't matter to me, I hope it doesn't to you because I still believe. I still believe in the magic of the season and the magic of wishes coming true. 

Many of my vintage sisters would agree that our vintage wants long out way our vintage needs. So I compiled a short list where I tried REALLY hard to focus on what I I mean want. Boy was this hard to do, but here it goes....

Thank you for reading my letter. Hope to see you soon Santa!

Love, Bunny

Just a few little things right?? Hehe Gosh am I the only vintage nerd or what? Yeah, I admit it, I like books and movies LOL

What would be included in your letter to Santa?? I would love to know!



  1. Great list. The top of my Santa list this year is Chanel Gardenia perfume.

  2. My Santa letter, would go,

    Dear Santa,

    What does the girl who has everything want for Christmas? I would like my parent's to be able to sell their house so my father can retire and move out here!



  3. I think that's a great list. No big ticket items, you're good:)

  4. I tagged you on FB on a giveaway with one of you Christmas list items!! :) If you enter, I hope you win. I've read the book 1940s hair styles, that is a fantastically historically correct book. Love it! I know I have short hair now, but I still love watching tutorials!

  5. Oh Bunny, what a tremendously sweet post idea. I was knee high to a snowflake the last time I penned a letter to Santa, but you're really got me thinking that I should do the same again, too (part of me will always believe in Santa, no matter how old I get :) ).

    Your list is really lovely and doubt there are many vintage gals amongst us who wouldn't be tickled pink (or red, given that it's Christmas) to receive any of these items, too. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that Santa brings you every last thing on your list!!!

    ♥ Jessica


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