Saturday, December 15, 2012

Bunny's Vintage Victory~Tumblr Blog

Happy Saturday!

I wanted to share with you all another blog that I began along with my new and improved blogspot blog. I began a tumblr blog dedicated primarily to the 1940's. It will include fashion, accessories, inspirational quotes, old hollywood, world war II, housewives, and so much more! It will consist only of photos so feel free to use them on your blogs or pinterest or anywhere. Just don't forget to give my tumblr blog, also named Bunny's Vintage Victory, a little shout out!

Let me know if you like it! Photos will be added daily so check in to see what is there! I hope you find it as inspirational as I do. I just love photos, don't you? They can tell such stories!!!

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend!!



  1. I love what you have on there so far (especially the clip on Stanwyck)and will definitely be looking at it on a regular basis! I agree, there's something particularly special about photos in that they're a precise moment captured in time and from that moment you can learn so much about what was going on when it was taken.

  2. How cute!! I love that...United We Blog!! Already following! :)

  3. How delightfully exciting, dear Bunny! I don't blog on Tumblr myself, but I follow several vintage blogs there for inspiration (and fun!), and am off to do the same with your delightful new Tumblr account right now.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. I will definitely follow your tumblr as I do for your blog!;)
    One of your french followers,

  5. Yeahhhh!! So glad you all like it! Merci Lexy!!! xox


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