Saturday, October 6, 2012

Vintage Halloween Party Inspiration

How many of you are planning a Halloween party~be it for children or for adults? I do not need a ready to plan a party-I love the process of party planning and it can be exhausting especially if you are detail oriented like I am. The day before Halloween I will be planning a small Pre-Halloween Play date with my daughters two closest school friends and her cousin (who is just a few months younger than her). With my children and the other I will have seven altogether. I would love to invite more but seven in manageable-more just creates chaos and insanity especially when you are throwing the party in your home.

Since I will have children ranging from 2 to 5 years old I am thinking of either having a pumpkin theme or a monster (the cute kind) theme. I asked my husband to bring down my Halloween supply bins from the attic (yes I have bins hehe) to see what I have to work with and what I would need to  get. They are little so I want it to be nice and special but not to go too overboard, again because of their age.

But for those of you who  may be throwing a party for older children or for adults, I found gorgeous vintage inspired Halloween party supplies that I thought you would all love to check out. Its called Halloween Silhouette and you can purchase them from Oriental Trading. It comes in the traditional and classic colors of black and orange. It has such a 30's/40's feel to it that at the end of Halloween I may check out to see if they are on sale to stock up for next year. I just adore this theme-its simple, classic, and well....vintage.

Paper Goods~Invitations (they set the mood for the party), banner, and place cards.
Wall decor~door decor, banner, lanterns, and bug stickers

More Decor~balloons, cutout, or planter 
Tableware~tablecover, plates, napkins, placemats, and utensils (missing from photo)

Edible Treats~cupcakes, cupcake picks (not edible!), cookies, and cake pops

However you choose to plan your party and whatever the age group might be, have fun with it. No point stressing over a party because then it becomes more of a chore. For those throwing a party for younger children; do some arts and crafts, watch "Monster House", or play games. And for those who would use this theme for an adult part; make Halloween theme flavored drinks, have a sit down dinner using place cards, set the mood with candles, and perhaps hire someone to read tarot cards.

I look forward to planning my little Halloween play date and cannot wait to see the kids faces when they see all the decorations up hehe Are any of you planning a Halloween party this year? If so, have you decided on a theme?



  1. We'll be hosting a small family Halloween party this year, with a general pumpkin, bat, ghostie, etc kind of theme. Despite my massive love of Halloween, my decoration collection (at the moment) is on the fairly modest size (we had almost no storage space at our old places, so I didn't buy many decor items for any of the holidays) but I've already picked up a couple of new items to help stretch it out, and who knows, perhaps others will find their way into my Halloween tote bin before the month is up, too.

    Wishing you the absolute best with your party - sounds like it's going to be a frighteningly good time! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  2. We have to start getting ready for our adult Halloween party. The garage at the back of our property is going to be the location, we have all sorts of goodies from giant spiders to a coffin my husband made to hold the keg! Can you believe he almost left that at the old house, I said are you crazy that is awesome, don't leave it! I take lot's of pics for everyone to see.

  3. I love that pic of the kids!! I was just at Walmart last night and they have some really cute vintage inspired halloween decor and I know that Target always has some amazing party stuff with a vintage vibe too! My mom goes the day after halloween and gets it all on mega clearance for next year.

  4. Love those little witch pops:) I bet you'll have an awesome time planning this event:)) Off to go pick apples today:))

  5. See my last year Halloween party here:
    As there are not so much decoration for Halloween here in France, we had to do a lot of things ourselves.... I was proud of my vintage Halloween table!!!!

  6. OMG so cute!! I love that you throw Halloween parties. I love even more you make them vintage. That's so fabulous. I live in a super tiny apartment, so throwing parties are out of the question for me right now. I can't wait until I have a house or something bigger where I can have parties. For now, I'll live vicariously through you. xoxo

  7. *throwing parties IS out of the question (I know grammar. I swear! lol)


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