Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Crafting on a Budget!

Whether you have children or not, I think it is always wise to think creatively when you can and try and save a few dollars while at it. Crafting does not have to be an expensive hobby. Things can be purchased on sale, in bulk, with coupons, or swapped for. So when it came time to put together some crafts for my children for Halloween I decided that I will figure out a budget first. So I said let me get as many crafts as possible for twenty dollars and not spend more than five dollars on one craft alone.

So my I went with my daughter (my eldest child) to our local A.C. Moore store and searched high and low for crafts that I can do with my children. Since their ages are 5, 3, and almost 2 it was tricky to find things that they could all do together. But I did! Take a look at what I purchased and what we did together.
These wooden masks (1.00 each) are perfect for painting and playing with around the house. Warning: make sure they don't play rough with them because they can break easily as my daughter found out..ekk!
The Scrapbooking paper (.59 cents each) was used for making pumpkins. I cut out the pumpkins free hand and the face pieces as well-my babies then pasted it altogether and named them. My daughter named her "JackieJohn" Pumpkin, my son names his "Jack" Pumpkin, and my baby named his "Baboo" Pumpkin hehe I then took them and connected them with string and hung them! The stickers (1.00 a pack) were used to make handmade cards for their friends and for their Papa of course.

I refused to spend more than a dollar on Acrylic paint so I searched and searched and found each of these for .99 cents each. They are washable-not on clothes though-they tend to stay there permanently. I used leftover tops of containers and such to put the paint on for them. 

And there are their masterpieces. They had a blast with this one-kids like getting messy for some reason LOL

My babies in their jammies one morning after their masks were dried and ready to be played with. They loved chasing each other and pretending to me the character of the mask. 

My daughter and I also did a craft together, it was a foam haunted house project that was just 5.00. This was something we could do together since the boys are still so little. She loved doing it with me and now we will use it as part of the decorations for their halloween playdate/party on Tuesday. That's if the weather holds up! Fingers and toes crossed!

So it is possible to get a whole bunch of crafts together and not spend too much on them. Most children like just about any crafting so think simple and think creative. My kids had a blast doing their projects, I am sure yours would too!

Happy Crafting! xox


  1. Hello dear Bunny,

    How very sweet. I think that the main thing that children love is getting to spend time with their mother doing something special. Cost does not matter. Mostly, young children are very easy to please.


  2. I couldn't agree with you more Hope! We did the painting masks while my hubby was home from his surgery and all the children had huge smiles on their face bc daddy joined them with arts and crafts time. So neat! I love those moments!! xox

  3. That is so darling, dear Bunny! Your kids are wonderful little artists. I have to echo Hope and say that it really doesn't matter what you spend on crafts for kids, it's the time spent together and the memories you make that count so, so much more than if you broke the bank on pricey supplies.

    Happiest Halloween countdown wishes to you and your family,
    ♥ Jessica

  4. How fun! Great buys:) We did the pumpkin carving and put our pumpkins out and my son's pumpkin was attacked by a squirrel or some other animal that decided it wanted pumpkin for dessert. I told him his pumpkin just looked more scary. He wasn't happy lol.

  5. How fun is this! All of my kids always loved doing crafts. A couple years ago my entire family - mom, dad, brother, sisters, nieces, nephews, my kids and grandkids, at that time it was 34 of us - rented a cabin in Gatlinburg, TN and I brought a bag of crafty items for the kids to play and help keep them occupied. They had a great time making mess after mess. lol.

  6. How cute!! I'm sure your babies had a great time crafting with you! I remember helping Dad carve the pumpkin when we were little. Or letting him carve it and us telling him what kind of scary face we wanted. It was a lot of fun!

  7. haha, they are too cute!! I really wanted to do some Halloween crafting this year but I still haven't even made time to carve our one pumpkin! :P Maybe next year!! Kiss those little cheeks for me!

  8. The masks are so cute. Over here at the Ranch, we are all about toilet paper roles. Every time we get a new one we make it into something. So far we have two owls, a lady bug and a fish. Can't get any cheaper than that!

  9. Thank you ladies for all of your wonderful comments! It was fun and I'm glad we did this. Now I must rack my brain for some fun Christmas ones to do! I love the toilet paper roll idea T! xox


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