Sunday, April 22, 2012

Starting to Pack!!

Happy Sunday to everyone! Its dreary and rainy here in New York. I wonder when the sun will shine out again? I think it may rain all week too! My children will have lots of fun with their daddy while I am away. Which is now just three short days from now. Oh my goodness! 

I have spent my Sunday taking care of all the big things. I cleaned my top floor of my home and did the laundry. I have loads to fold and then I will organize some outfits for my children for my husband so he doesn't have to fret about that. My children are really sweet and loving babies but they have oodles of energy. Way more energy than we do it seems sometimes hehehe

My outfit is all picked out for Thursday morning and now I just have to iron it. Goodness, I haven't ironed in a while-defiantly not my top most favorite household chore to do. :) I also will start my packing tonight. That way during the next few days I will just add little things here and there like my foam rollers and my brush and comb.

Getting to these days hasn't been easy-I won't lie. When my amazing husband gifting me my airplane ticket to Missouri I wasn't sure how we would come up with the rest of the money for my trip. I didn't really need much but when you're struggling financially as we are and as so many Americans are today-a small trip like this is really a luxury.

Why am I doing it and why is he letting me go? I need some time to be just me away from my responsibilities. My close friends are great but they don't really get my love for classic film or yearning to learn more about vintage...well...anything. I didn't think at my age I would need new friends but I think some friends come and go at different points in our life. I also think that some friends are great to talk about the past with and some are great to have toddler play dates with. And then some totally get how crazed and tired you can be as a stay at home mom and that friend has been Brittany.

She totally gets why I love what I love and doesn't think I am weird for wanting to model. I haven't met her in person yet but she and my friend Kay (my photag in MO) have believed in me in ways I didn't expect anyone would. Aside from two or three close personal friends-they both just took me by surprise and have reminded me that special friendships can take place at any point in your life.

My husband wants me to be happy. He wants me to seek out a new dream for myself. He knows I live my life's dream everyday being his wife and the mother of  our children. It really is the best thing I will ever do with myself. But I yearn to learn and be creative and attempt to do something with all of that at some point. 

Everything you can imagine has gone wrong-just everything. BUT it has been a huge lesson for me-to learn how to handle stressful situations a little more gracefully. I am so grateful to all of those who have helped me make sure I get to go on my trip-they know who they are.

With that said this trip is a great opportunity for me to relax, to enjoy my new friendships, to learn, to be creative, and too refresh myself. 



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