Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bunny's Birthday Giveaway!

I love buttons! There...I said it! I loved going through my grandma's button stash that she of course told me not to touch..hehe But they smelled so good (they were vintage) and I loved looking at all the colors and shapes. When I began scrapbooking, one of my favorite embellishments were buttons.

So, when I found a seller on Etsy that sold jewelry made from vintage buttons I just leaped for joy! In yesterday's post I mentioned I wore a pair of button earrings. The ones I wore are right above and the pair you can win is right below!
The Etsy seller who will be giving you these super pretty button earrings has a shop called Nana's Buttons. Here is a little bit more about why she loves making her button inspired jewelry:

What inspired you to begin making jewelry out of buttons?
My grandma inspired me. She sewed all of our clothes and had tons of buttons

How long does the process take you? Depending on what I am making it can be a few hours to a few days and I usually am or get inspired by a specific button

How big is your button collection?
I have about a dozen of those flat bead compartment containers ;)

Tell us more about your shop and why you love selling?
I love reusing and repurposing out of what I already have available and it's so nice to see people wearing what I've made 

I just adore what Denise does and I love support amazing small business such as hers. You can also follow her on Copious and Pinterest.

The winner will be announced on Monday, January 28th. Simply follow me on my blog and follow Denise on one of her social networks-let me know that you have!!

Good Luck!! xox


  1. Just lovely! I don't want to enter as I just wear clip on's these days, but I wanted to comment on the marvelous idea:)

  2. Super cute, I'm not going to enter either since I've been making vintage button earrings for a while now and have about twenty pairs. They are so easy to make!

  3. Oh, those are adorable!!! Are they clip-on or pierced? Anyway, following you of course and Denise on her Pinterest under Sean MacKenzie "The Fictionista". :)

    And have a very happy birthday, Bunny!!

  4. These are lovely. :) Is it your birthday?!? How did I miss this fact??

  5. Oh, these are adorable! Already following you and Im now following Denise. I hope you have a fantastic birthday mamasita!

  6. Hi there! I've been following your blog for a while now!

  7. Awww, these are so charmingly lovely! It's so thoughtful of you to hold a giveaway in celebration of your birthday. I'm afraid I'll have to opt out from entering though. I'm (very) allergic to nickle and try to only buy (or make) jewelry that's guaranteed to be nickle-free. Otherwise I'd be entering for sure.

    Happiest birthday wishes again, sweet Bunny!
    ♥ Jessica

  8. Ooooo ... LOVE! Of course I am following your blog, and now I am following Denise on pinterest and made her one of my favorites on etsy. :) Thanks for holding this give-away!

  9. These are PRECIOUS! I'm also lacking in yellow jewelry, too! I follow you already, and I'm following Denise on Pinterest now!

  10. They are pierced! And thank you all for your bday wishes and for joining in the giveaway fun!! xox


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