Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ask Bunny!

Ever wanted to ask me something and didn't know if you should? Well, yeah you should! Why the heck not, right? If there is anything that you have been wondering ask away! Don't be shy! You know I'm not! hehe

I have asked on my Facebook page and I got some fantastic questions so I thought I would ask my readers as well. The only things I won't share are my children's names and such just for privacy sake. Otherwise, go for it! Anything from my favorite films, music, more about my disability, about how to find a good guy, anything about my vintage life, to gosh anything.

This is your chance to do it! You can also email me a question at bunnysvictory@yahoo.com for those who don't want to post on here. I will not share the names of those who asked me the questions on my answers post out of respect for them and such.

So, have a blast and ask away.........



  1. Ok, Bunny how are you so fabulous!

  2. I got one, what is your very favorite outfit with accessories? And, can you post a picture for us?

  3. Hey Bunny! What are some ways that you get a vintage look without spending a whole lot of money? Do you have any favorite low-cost tips or tricks you use?

    1. Oh, I thought of another one! I've seen that you do vintage modeling and pinup shoots; how did you get involved in that? Where did those opportunities come from and why did you decide to take them?

  4. How marvelous that you're opening up your life and interests to all questions, that's really commendable of you. It will be exciting to see the queries that come your way and your answers to them!

    ♥ Jessica

  5. What a fun idea! Okay, so two questions...
    1. Who is your favorite author?
    2. If you could travel back in time and spend a day with any classic film star who would it be and why?


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