Monday, January 14, 2013

My Vintage Wardrobe: Using Your Accessories To Define Your Color Scheme

The other day I was talking to Brittany from Va-Voom Vintage about my desire to really understand where the heck my wardrobe is going. I say that because it seems so easy to just keep collecting things and adding to your stash. My dilemma is that since space and funds are limited, I really want to feel like I have a wardrobe that I can mix and match and make the most of. Not just some random pieces, know what I mean?

After our chat  I had a huge "A-ha" moment and decided to take photos of all of my accessories. I bunched them together in similar groups of colors as best I could. I was happily surprised my two year old didn't find any interest in touching them while I was taking the photos, but very happy he did not hehe

I took photos of my earrings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches, hair flowers and clips, hats, gloves, snoods, and scarves. I HIGHLY recommend this exercise especially for vintage beginners who may not know what colors they should focus on or what looks best on them. This exercise totally worked for me.

I suppose it may be because I am a visual person but after looking through all of my photos I was able to see what colors I really don't want to collect at this moment, the main ones I do want to collect, and the ones that have potential. And what I mean by collect I mean via clothing and accessories for my vintage wardrobe.

Holly from Veronica Vintage wrote one of my favorite posts about Dressing for Your Skintone. According to the chart I am a Winter since I have dark hair, dark eyes, and fair skin. The best colors for me to wear would be; dark pinks, maroon, red, black, royal and navy blue, cream, grey, dark green, shades of aqua/teal, white, and purple (the colors I want to have in my wardrobe).

I read that post back in August but things didn't click for me until after I viewed the photos of my accessories. I love it when things finally click though! Now I know exactly what colors I want to focus on right now, which I will focus on later, and those that I will consider never focusing on.

Here are a few of the photos I took:
After looking at everything together I decided my main focus right now will be to focus on patriotic colors. Not everything has to be literally red, white, and blue but rather all red accessories, all white, all blue (navy rather). I know now I defiantly need to add a few white blouses into my wardrobe. At the moment I only have one. I also want to add a proper navy and black 40's/50s styled skirts. I also realized that although it may be hard to find clothing that has teal or aqua in it, I would like to add more pieces of these colors into my accessories collection that I could wear perhaps with brown dress? or a coral dress? Teal/Coral, Aqua/Brown, and Mint Green/Pink are great color combinations that would look great with a 1950's feel especially during the summertime.

I don't own a lot of black but that was done on purpose because my everyday wardrobe has A LOT of black in it. It's just a very New York thing to do. Black and Grey are everywhere so I have ignored those colors in my wardrobe but I would like to add some basic black accessories to my collection as well as a proper 40's and 50's simple styled black dress.
I realized I had a lot of brown, yellow, and orange pieces (via scarves, brooches, etc) and I am not really an orange kind of girl. I like yellow and orange but I suppose it would have to be a dark shade for me to consider wearing them. As for now I decided they will not be a part of my main wardrobe. I love sparkly things but my lifestyle doesn't allow room for those things, not now at least. I would like to one day own a fancy 40s and 50s dress to wear somewhere extra special but as of now it isn't on the top of my list. Pearls are the same-although the great thing about pearls is that you can wear them with jeans if you pair them with the right top.

Another "A-ha" moment came to me when after reading all your amazing and thoughtful posts on my The 1940's or 1950's: Which to Choose ? post that what I meant to also say is that why I felt the need to choose is because although I do love the eras from the 1930's-1960's very much, I really want to make an era really a part of my own personal look and vintage style.

I am passionate about the 1940's so the 1940's will be my main focus. I will continue to dabble in all the other eras as well though. I do love dressing up and its such fun to recreate those looks! I am going to focus on putting together some during the war looks ('41-'45) but I am looking into focusing on the late 1940's to the early 1950's as the cuts and style seem to flatter my figure the best. At the end of the day I am a housewife and so my looks need to be easy to put together and I think that focusing on the colors that suit your complexion best, knowing what cuts flatter your figure best, and yet still sticking to the times you are passionate about will lead to an outstanding vintage wardrobe.

I am beyond excited about this next stage in my vintage life. I have been going through what I have and purging what isn't right for me or doesn't fit best and hoping to add back some pieces that will really help me create some great outfits for outings and future posts. I cannot wait!!

Thank you all for sticking with me on this incredible journey-now I see why you girls find clothes so much fun! Geesh, what have I been missing out on!!??? hehe



  1. That's a great idea! I am currently in the process of reviewing my own accessories. I didn't do it quite like this but I honestly don't have much... I think I take after my one grandmother who really didn't wear a lot of jewelry, though I'm working on it. ;) One thing I noticed is I did use to wear a lot of sparkly brooches some years ago and I don't do this much anymore, so I need to do a bit of an overhaul to more everyday cute pieces. It's a fun problem to have!

  2. Funny to see how you can think about every details your wardrobe!!! I have never thought about how to build a perfect vintage one, I have just bought what I came accross and that I loved... It's only recently that I tried to find some things I was lacking (winter clothes for example)...
    I discoved that I'm a SPRING colors lady... not fully true for me, I love dark colors like red, black and navy blue as well as pastel colors, orange and yellow are not my favorite, but it's true that gold is the best for my jewels. But I don't follow those kind of theories, just how I feel when I see something that I like!!!

  3. Wow B, great minds think a like, I just filled to garbage bags full of clothes I was going to sell on Ebay, but I don' want to deal with the hassle of it all. I'm going to have a garage sale this summer and advertise vintage clothing on the sign for, maybe some of the ritzy ladies behind me will want to buy!!!!

  4. Thank you for the linkage, darlin'! I highly agree with you on focusing on the colours you would like to focus your wardrobe as a base when you don't have all the money on earth like Dita Von Teese LOL. I focus on reds, blacks, dark blues, plums, browns, etc. I don't really have/want pastels in my wardrobe, because that is not good for my skin tone and will wash me out.

    Seriously check out some things on eBay - you'll be amazed and pleased at what you find. I have a few things on my watch list that you would love, actually. Let me know if you want me to send you some!


    Veronica Vintage

  5. Good idea to photograph your jewelry! It's difficult to buy jewelry off the internet too. I agree that pearls are quite versatile so I hope you keep them:) Especially, if you are seeking an early 50's look:) It sounds like we have the same color scheme! You know another thing to throw into the mix is material type. I've been finding that taffeta type of material isn't well suited for me. Great post "mamma":)

  6. Oh BTW, I'd love that suit the lady has in your image! Sign me up!

  7. Great pointers! Especially for myself as a newbie, it gives me an advantage to learn what looks good on me before investing in alot of money into colors that won't work for my complexion. I appreciate the info!

  8. Yay!! New an exciting ventures are always so fun. I don't know what 'tones' or colors would be best for my complexion. I adore all that yellow/mustard jewelry. I've been rather attracted to it as of late. And red, I love how 1940s {war years} red really is. You know it's funny how we as vintage enthusiasts equate certain colors to certain decades and eras of fashion.

  9. Great post Bunny!!! Definitely helpful! And I agree with you about wanting to stick with a certain period to define your style. I'm in the same boat there.

    You have me wanting to buy more little accessories now. I've never been an accessory girl but I've been trying to become more of one...

  10. I'm so glad many of you enjoyed this post! I had to share what worked for me-I hope it helps or inspires or just simply entertains heeh Thanks! xox

  11. Much like Rome, a marvelous vintage wardrobe wasn't/isn't built in a day. Few us have the means to amass a huge volume of vintage overnight (or even over as a little time as just a year or two), and I think it's exciting that you're taking us along on the process as you put together yours and try to really figure out your inner vintage style voice.

    You have a stellar jewelry collection already, dear Bunny, thank you for sharing your wonderful accessories with us.

    ♥ Jessica

  12. Ooh to have a wardrobe full of vintage! I have only a few items, more accessories than clothes due to being "plus size" I love your jewellery collection!

    Katy xox


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