Monday, July 23, 2012

Guest Blogger: Sew Retro Rose

Hi everyone – my name is Beccie.  The lovely Bunny is having a break for a week and she’s asked me to write a guest post for her blog.  She’s an inspiration isn’t she – I’m so happy I can help her out.

I started my vintage journey about the same time as Bunny started hers.  I did a pinup make-over photo shoot and fell in love with the style.  

Here’s a photo from my first shoot:

After that experience, I started wearing 1950s clothing every day, including the hair and make-up.  I got so much positive feedback from my partner, my friends, my family, and complete strangers that I kept it up.  I entered a national competition called Miss Pinup Australia (did I mention I’m Australian...) and won the runner-up title in my category, Miss Classic!

And this is where my story took a turn no-one (least of all me) was expecting... I taught myself to sew.

While I could say that learning to sew was something I did to save money, it wasn’t.  I actually started sewing because there was something that I desperately wanted and couldn’t find anywhere – a vintage princess-seam coat.  So, like the way I approach most things, I threw myself in the deep end.  I bought a vintage pattern, some fabric, and borrowed my mum’s sewing machine and I was off!

This is what I created:

Its a long way from perfect, but I made it myself and I was proud to wear it.  Sewing it wasn’t easy at times (don’t even talk to me about sleeves!) but I never gave up.  And I haven’t stopped sewing since.  Here is the latest thing I created.  I sewed it without a pattern, from a design I dreamed up.  I really impressed myself – and to think I’ve come this far in 12 months!

I’ve also been blogging about my sewing.  I’ve found that, as well as being a great record, it has made social what is at times a lonely hobby.  I’m actually about to sew another coat just like my black one, but in red wool this time.  I want to see just how much I’ve improved by sewing the same pattern 12 months later.

So, to end my guest post, it is amazing how much your life can change with one decision.  12 months ago I booked in for a fun sounding photo shoot, thinking that all I would come away with was some sexy photos for my fiancee.  Instead I came away with a new life.  You just never know what’s around the corner, do you?

Lovely to meet you, hope to see you again soon!

Beccie  Sew Retro Rose


  1. You're so completely beautiful, stylish and lovely! Thank you for sharing some of your looks with us and for giving Bunny a little time off this week.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thanks for the compliment Jessica! She deserves some time off thats for sure :)


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