Thursday, July 19, 2012

Daily Inspiration: Four: Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn

What can I say about Audrey Hepburn that I haven't said before? Well, I can say that I admired her grace not only physically but how she carried herself in life. And I greatly admire the relationships she had with her sons. She seemed to always be balanced on how she approached them and it inspires me to try and create a sense of balance with my own children.
Audrey with her youngest son, Luca

I also admire how she basically left her career in order to become a stay at home mother. Granted she was not strapped for cash and that helps tremendously but she could have continued her Hollywood lifestyle and she choose not to. Audrey did make films here and there but not with the drive that she did before she had her sons.
Audrey later in life

Another aspect about Audrey that inspires me is how she allowed herself to age gracefully. I am sure she had her beauty regimen and she did eat well and attempted to take good care of herself as everyone should. But otherwise she didn't seem obsessed with the idea of growing older but rather embraced it and allowed it to be what it was and that's it.

Audrey with children from Bangladesh. 1989

Lastly, what speaks to my soul most often when it comes to Audrey Hepburn was her work as a humanitarian and a advocate for children around the world. I don't know if I ever shared this on my blog but by the time I was six or seven I felt called to two things; family and service. I wanted to have my own family but I also wanted to do good things for other people. By the time I was twelve I was totally obsessed with joining the Peace Corps. When I was twenty-four I had to make a tough choice between my two callings and decided that I wanted to prepare for my future family and had chosen that route over doing service.

But doing service still calls to me. It is something I would like to spend more time doing when I get older and my children are older as well. I feel like this time in my life right now is dedicated to my family and I hope one day I can find my way of helping others just like Audrey Hepburn did. And to do it well.

Are there any celebrities or icons that inspire you?



  1. Audrey is such a lovely lady!

    She is definitely one of them, along with Judy Garland, Marilyn, Ingrid Bergman, and Katherine Hepburn, oh and Marlene Dietrich!

  2. I am a huge Audrey Hepburn fan - she is the reason I named my daughter Sabrina. I loved her sense of style, grace, and compassion. One very small Audrey connection that I have - my sister-in-law's mom was an extra in My Fair Lady (the scene with the white and black costumes at the horse race). Ahhhh...that would have been amazing!

    1. Omg that is amazing! How neat! Those costumes were gorgeous too!! xox

  3. I used to live in Las Vegas and I'd pass by the Debbie Reynolds Hotel Casino all the time before it closed. I now wish I would have gone inside. I had no idea that the costume for My Fair Lady ascot was in there along with tons of other memorable Hollywood fashion icon garments. Debbie had an auction recently where she sold most of the outfits. I'd have to say that I also love Audrey and Marilyn. I'm interested in Veronica Lake right now. It's sad she had a troubled life. Some of the actresses I'd like to learn more about are Ginger Rogers, Vivien Leigh, and Linda Darnell.

  4. I love that you raised that point about how elegantly and graceful Audrey aged. I've also admired that element of her life, too, as I personally have no qualms with getting older and hope that I can grace with even a fraction as much grace as she did.

    ♥ Jessica


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