Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Aging Grace-Fully

Grace Kelly

Now who wouldn't mind aging gracefully like Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, or Lauren Bacall? Okay so maybe the idea of growing older and aging isn't such a warm and fuzzy thought but there are things we can all do to prevent from premature aging.

No-I am not going to talk about a miracle drug or a cream that removes wrinkles on sight. The reality for us women is that one day we will be old (God willing) just as our bodies don't bounce back after childbirth. It is what it is but it doesn't mean we shouldn't take care of ourselves in the meantime.

So what can you do? Well, here is a my trusty little list of things to do or to possible try out in order to preserve the beauty that is you.

  1. I must point out that the way many people age can be due to genetics. Some people look super young in their 50's and some people don't. With that said-its the luck of the draw. Some of us will get a little help from our genes and some of us not too much. Whichever it may be, just embrace it because that cannot be changed (unless you go under the knife and we should all try and avoid that).
  2. STAY OUT OF THE SUN! Seriously! One of the biggest ways we can damage and age our skin is by overexposure to the sun. No-you shouldn't sun bathe for hours and no you shouldn't go to a tanning booth every week. Its just plain suicide for your skin. We do shed our skin but yearly overexposure to sunlight in large doses will just put your skin in danger and you will look aged. You can get sun spots, discoloration, severe dryness, and wrinkles just to name a few. If you are outside at all, put sunscreen on all the time and wear hats!
  3. Drink LOTS of water! Our bodies are mostly made up of water so hydrate it! It gets thirsty too! Soda and juices just have lots of sugar in it. Choose the yumminess that water has to offer because its the only drink that truly quenches the thirst.
  4. Know your skin! Know what type of skin you have so you know how to moisturize it. I have normal to dry skin and its sensitive. So I wash my face everyday, moisturize in the morning and evening, and I try and use as many "for sensitive skin" products as possible.
  5. You're NOT a clown! Okay what is the purpose of wearing makeup everyday, all day long? I understand wearing some especially for work, but throughout the years I have witness the use of makeup on the people who started wearing it as young girls and it just aged the person. When you don't have to wear any-don't. Let your skin breathe! When you get home-wash your face and moisturize properly. There is no need to wear makeup all the time-it is something that defiantly ages a persons skin.
  6. Get a check up! Make an appointment with a Dermatologist. I have one! You can also do a full body check up to play it safe (I have yet to do that but older people are highly recommended to do that). It's always good to know what is going on with your skin and to tend to that.
  7. Feed your face! Eat good foods because it does show up on your skin. If your diet is made up of greasy fast food you will tend to have breakouts and your skin will look unhealthy. Try and eat some fruit and veggies during the day. Stay away from soda and too much junk good. Remember your skin is the largest organ on your body!
  8. No poison please! Smoking and drinking isn't good for your body or your mind-overall its just not good for you. Smoking will dry out your skin and make it look grey and pasty. Drinking will make your skin look bloated and heavy. Of course I am talking about heavy drinking but still remember that you are feeding your skin and if you want it to glow and be extra pretty and maintain its shape for as long as possible-don't poison it!
  9. Gym time! Do some sort of exercise for your overall health. Whether its walking, jogging, swimming.....just sitting around isn't good for anyone. Get up and do something-you will be tired at first but eventually it will help you feel better.
  10. Live life fully but with caution! There are some folks who have lived hard lives and you can see it clearly on their faces. Some people cannot escape that reality but others may have more choices. If you are one who has choices then live your life fully but do not put yourself in possible dangerous situations-in the end it all affects you.
Lastly, I would like to share with all of you my age. Honestly, I never wore makeup as a teenager (occasional lipstick) and I follow those simple rules above throughout my life. I do believe it has helped. Although I do credit my aging to my father who is 63 but you never be able to guess it unless you looked at his white hair hehehe 

I am proud to say that I am 36 years old, born in 1976, a child of the 70's and 80's and closer to 40 than to 20. I love my age-I have loved every age I have been. I have no regrets. I have no desire to go back and am grateful to be able to go forward.

So there you have it-a few helpful tips to help you age gracefully!



  1. Heah, I'm with ya Mama, born in 1975, don't do a lot of sun bathing and follow all of your rules. I think you and I have an advantage with our Latina backgrounds!

    1. Ahhh I didnt know you were latina!!! Yes I think culture has some to do with how we age too. Whoot to 70s babies! Muah!

  2. I've always thought you were looked so much younger than you are, which clearly proves that you're following your own (wonderful!) advice, dear Bunny.

    Sweet thanks for your lovely comment on my birthday recap post today. Granted I might be biased, but I really agree with you that my mom is total knockout. She could pretty much stop traffic when she was younger, and is one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to how to age (she's 54) gracefully - and gorgeously!

    ♥ Jessica

  3. You look great!

    I too have followed the advice you have listed all my lefr. Apart from the Dermatologist- didn't go until I was 27 when I had some skin problems. I have been going back to the same woman since then and have better skin now 15 years later and I'm 42.

    True, genetics can be a great help. My father will be 69 next week, but people who meet us often assumes he is my brother. Flattering for him, perhaps not so flattering for me... ;) And his mother had hardly a wrinkle when she diead at the age of 93.


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