Monday, July 16, 2012

Daily Inspiration: One: A Poem

This week I decided to share with you a few things that inspire me and keep me going on my tough days. Sometimes I have tough days, some tough moments, and recently I had a few tough weeks with my husband's illness and then mine. So I think its good to think about what can pull you out of those tough times or remind you whats really important in life. To basically help you keep healthy perspective on things.

Many moons ago when I was in college I would go on retreats. Not all the time but a few times. It was my opportunity as a young adult to explore my spirituality and open myself up to healing. On one particular retreat we were split into small groups. My group included a few athletic students that I would have never would have met otherwise because we just were in different circles.

One in particular was named Jenna, who was on the women's volleyball team at my University. Jenna was tall and average weight, super high gorgeous cheekbones. She wore her blond curly hair in a ponytail all the time and wore these big glasses. I remember her as she was because of what she gifted me during that weekend away.

She surprised everyone in our small group with an individualized poem written by her. I don't recall if I shared with the group but I do recall that I shared with her some of the challenges I faced with my disability. In turn she gave me a small sheet of notebook paper filled with words that I still hold dear to my heart. Words that define who I am and ring so true.

She started each poem with the person's name so I put my stage name instead of my birth name for privacy reasons on the above photo. This is what she wrote:

She's climbed the highest mountains.
And swum the deepest lakes,
Fought the meanest tigers,
And danced with cobra snakes.

They always said, "it can't be done."
Your body is too weak!
How can you think of dancing
When your outlook is so bleak?

But she just smiled and laughed out loud
And swung from vine to vine,
And then she showed them all her
The power of her mind...

I don't know what happened to Jenna. I saw her here and there after retreat and we would smile and say hi. To be honest I was taken aback by her poem and every once in a while I would reread it. But it is only until now, so many years later that I get it. I think Jenna saw things in me that I couldn't see in myself yet. I always knew I was strong but I she understood that I was also brave and fierce and determined.

Amazing isn't that someone you met for just a brief moment in your life can leave you with something so special that you can draw inspiration from years and years later. Thank you Jenna for seeing the real ME, for being loving enough to share that knowledge with me, and for still inspiring me with your beautiful words.

Has anyone every gifted you with anything that has inspired you?



  1. I would have to say the day I was sexually harassed. I was working at a grocery store when this fellow coworker came up behind me in the break room picked me up and kissed my on the neck! Another girl saw this and was like are you ok? I was a little flabergasted, well the act spread like wild fire through the store. I have to mention I was 16 and worked with a bunch of high school students. All the big guys were like we going kick his butt after work. Work ended and guess who had the offender come in and apologize, the smallest guy there, John. He actually had him crying. After that it was over, I didn't press charges because he had a young family and I didn't want him to get fired. It was amazing what John did for me that day!

    1. That guy John was your hero! I recall a similar experience and it so shocking bc you dont expect it esp when you are young. My father threatened him nicely and then my brother hehe so needless to say he stopped. Thank you for sharing your story with me Trina! xox

    2. People still surprise me, unfortunately we start thinking the worst about people instead of the good.

    3. So very true. People still surprise me too whether they do good or not. I still get caught off guard. I hope that never changes :)

  2. What an incredibly soul touching, beautiful poem. That would inspire me even on my darkest days, too, and I'm so happy to know you have this special gift in your life to help you draw strength from.

    One item that has always meant a tremendous amount to me, and which inspires me as symbol of how far my life has come (from the rough circumstances of those days) is a grain of rice necklace (that has my name written on the grain of rice) that a kindhearted Chinese man who's restaurant I used to visit when I was a teenager, made for me himself when I stopped there on my birthday one (very hard) year.

    It was one of only a couple small presents I received that year from anyone, and yet it meant more to me than had someone given me a present the size of a cruise ship. It's been about 12 years since I last saw that man or ate at his restaurant, but whenever I look at the necklace (which I keep carefully wrapped around the neck of a beloved teddy bear), I'm reminded of the kindness that can exist even in the face a world that sometimes seems fiercely cruel and challenging.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I'm really sentimental like you Jessica. I would have kept that necklace too! What a godsend he was. Its those little random things people do that are just so...awesome!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful story with me! xox

  3. That's so sweet! :) It's amazing how she knew what to write that would just lift your spirits. What a blessing!

    1. I couldnt agree more! I cant believe how well she knew me in such a short time. A blessing indeed! xox

  4. That is such a great poem and wonderful that you have kept it. I have boxes of cards and letters that I can't bear to give away. They remind me of who I was at the time - and of the people who mean so much to me. Even the handwriting of people who are no longer on this earth is a treasure to me and makes me feel their presence.


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