Monday, July 9, 2012

Bunny's Book Club: Marilyn and Me

Lawrence Schiller, who is a photojournalist and author, recently published a book called Marilyn & Me. It is a collection of his memories and photos of Marilyn Monroe from her final film Somethings Got to Give in 1962. 

Mr. Schiller had an exhibit of his photos in the Steve Kasher Gallery located West 23rd Street in Manhattan. The exhibit ran from May 31st to June 30th, 2012. My husband and I meticulously planned a trip with the children to go see this amazing exhibit but due to my husband's accident and illness we never made it. But I personally think that its the thought that counts and I am so grateful he wanted to support me. In a way I feel like I didn't miss out even though of course it would have been great to see them in person. Luckily I own the book by Mr. Schiller and for all those true-blue MM fans, I defiantly recommend owning it.

I love reading the memories and stories of others and Mr. Schiller doesn't hold back a single thought, experience, or memory he had of Marilyn Monroe.

The Steve Kasher Gallery

Inside the gallery with one of the many photos of MM

My favorite of Mr. Schiller's photos of MM~1960

The talented man himself, Lawrence Schiller

I included a photo above of MM during the filming of Lets Make Love in 1960. It my favorite photo of her by Mr. Schiller and I am sure its one of his as well since he put it on the cover of his book. Mr. Schiller photographed MM from 1960 to 1962 and was there in her home the day they found her dead. 

He had a rare glimpse into her life. He witnessed RFK in her home, her turmoil with the studios, and her renewed love affair with Joe DiMaggio. And according to him, he feels as though MM did not take her own life but was rather entangled in something that led to her early demise. A theory that rings true in my own heart. 

Obviously I did not know MM personally but I must have read over eight or more books on her life and works. After a while you get a sense of a person and my senses told me long ago when I was just a teenage girl, that MM was full of life. She struggled with her demons like we all do but that she was not interested in dying young but rather in growing old.

I am so glad Mr. Schiller shared his experiences of MM in his book. You can sense a deep respect for her and a purely open candidness that is refreshing. And as a fan of MM, I can only say I truly appreciate his candor.

It is a light read that will leave you with a heavy heart. Mine just overflowed with even more adoration for the  woman known as Marilyn Monroe. Thank you Mr. Schiller!!



  1. I love MM and am excited to hear about this new book. Have you read/seen MM: Personal?? It's about the secret archives of MM. Not as informative as most biographies about her, but has great photos, interesting things that MM kept. Including a heart craft given to her by two boys via mail. It was really sweet!

  2. Omg Sean I havent! But its on my Amazon wishlist hehe One thing about MM that no one can deny-the camera loved her and she loved it in return! I love her photos! Thanks for reminding me about it! xox

  3. I find the fact that he was so candid and detailed in recalling his memories of MM to be very appealing. I think a lot of times, when it comes to celeb bios, people are too quick to ensure that only the very best and most favourable of lights are shone on the person in question. Not that I want to see anyone bashed, of course, but we as fans get to to know the most when we're presented with a view of someone that wasn't seen through rose coloured glasses alone.

    ♥ Jessica


    Just have to say how much I love your new blog banner, honey!

  4. My sentiments exactly sweets! And yeah I'm so happy you like it!! Hugs!!!


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