Thursday, November 15, 2012

Romance Films Through the Ages

I know it isn't Valentine's Day and it isn't my Wedding Anniversary, so why am I being so sappy and posting about romantic films? Oh because, once in a while I get a craving for them. Some of them I can watch over and over again, while some are so hard to watch that they become a rare but sacred event for me. Yes, I love films that much. Like a good book, films can transport you to another time and place and for a moment you can be with these characters and feel what they feel with them. I think a really good film and a really exceptional story can do that. 

So, here are my choices for super romantic films set throughout most of the 20th Century.

Both beautiful and talented, the late Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour as lovers across time and space. Set primarily in 1912, there is both romance and a sci-fi element in this film-it's right up  my alley!

Enchanted April (1992)
Set in the 1920's, a group of women rent out a house in Italy. It is there that some discover self-love, rekindled love, friendship love, and romantic love. This film is marvelous!!

 The Great Gatsby (1974)
This film version is the second remake of the film, first brought to light in 1926 and then again in 1949. An adaption of a novel by the same name written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. It is set in the 1930's beautiful to watch but if you have ever loved someone who couldn't or wouldn't be with you for whatever reason, you can then relate to Gatsby's pain and borderline obsession with Daisy. Honestly, I find this film painfully tragic but you will have to watch it to see what I mean.

This is actually a short film (28 minutes) that I found on Netflix recently. It is set in the 1940's during wartime and all I have to say is let yourself be taken away by the story. It is simple but so very powerful.

 The Notebook (2004)
Set in the 1940's and based by a novel written by Nicholas Sparks, we follow Noah and Allie through their personal ups and downs and through many years of love and devotion to one another. The novel is amazing and the film is as well. Get your hankies out ladies (and gentlemen)! If you have ever known true love, then your hear will sore and ache with the ending.

 I realize this film isn't exactly set in the 1950's but the novel (another by Nicholas Sparks) is set in the 1950's. I feel that the film although set in 1998 really has an old fashioned feel to it. Even the way the main character Jamie dresses very preppy and gives a feel of a 1950's girl. This film is a tear jerker, I won't lie, but it does teach you that if you open yourself to love that it can change the direction of your life forever.

Down with Love (2003)
What happens when a 1960's feminist meets a notorious ladies man? Hilarity ensues of course and a slow but charming romance. I adore Ewan McGregor so of course that makes me adore this film even more. And a big plus is that the fashion is to die for dahling!

Til We Meet Again (1989)
I have two BIG favorite romantic films that just happen to be miniseries and also they span throughout many decades. Judith Krantz's "Til We Meet Again" is the first one. It spans from 1913 to 1956 and we learn about each character; their flaws and their loves. Its epic!! And then there is Hugh Grant in it playing a real bad boy which you don't often seen him in those types of roles. It's fascinating and I really adore this film. I think I may just have to read the book one day too!

The Thorn Birds (1983)
"Thorn Birds" is also a miniseries that was adapted from a novel by Colleen McCullough. My mother actually owned this book, so when I was little I used to thumb through it. I don't particularly like the format in how it was written and do prefer the miniseries over the book but it is worth reading for sure!

This film spans from 1920 to 1962. I own the dvd of course and I have watched it many times including when it first aired in 1983 (along with another miniseries from 80's "North and South" and  "V"-gosh I miss that kind of show!). It stars the stunning Richard Chamberlain and equally stunning Rachel Ward as lovers who are forced to live their lives without each other in the conventional sense.

It is a painful, beautiful, and romantic tale of two people whose love for one another spans across over forty years. It reminds us that we shouldn't live our lives partially but fully, that we need to make choices for ourselves if not life will make them for you. I always end up in a puddle of tears at the end of it. I always wonder what happens to Meggie after her daughter leaves and I imagine in my mind that Justine's own chlid returning back to Drogheda to learn from her Grandma Meggie the epic tale of her love for Father Ralph DeBricassart. Again, that's in my imagination.

And I shall leave you with that...sigh..."Oh L'amour, L'amour, how it can let you down. How it can pick you up again." (quoted from "The Women" 1939)



  1. Somewhere in time is one of my favorite movies! You and I have such similar taste. I also love Enchanted April is just puts me in that really relaxed lazy mood when I watch it.

  2. I love Somewhere In Time. It's such a beautiful movie!! Great post:))

  3. I looooove the Thorn Birds. We've had this conversation before, about how it's one of the best American television mini-series, right? Seems like we have lol.

    I have to see Somewhere in Time! I didn't even know it existed!!

  4. You're a true romantic after my own heart. I love this list (no pun intended) and am bookmarking it for next Valentine's Day, as it's high time I (and the mister) revisited some of these fantastic classics. (On the slightly more modern front, some of my fave romantic flicks also include Serendipity, the 2005 version of Pride & Prejudice, and Roxanne.)

    ♥ Jessica

  5. The Notebook is actually similar to one of my grandparents romance, not super similar. But later one my Grama died from complications to alzheimers and my Grampa died of a heart attack, similar to the movie ending. So bittersweet!

    I do love A Walk to Remember!! Such a sweet endearing film. Love it!

  6. I liked Enchanted April. My husband picked it out one choice.

    One of my favorites romance movies is While You Were Sleeping...I watch it always during the holidays...I can't wait to watch it soon!

    :) Hope


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