Monday, November 26, 2012

Dress Like Lily Powers from "Baby Face"

I just adore 1930's fashion, don't you? I hope you enjoyed my spotlight on Barbara Stanwyck's 1933 film, Baby Face. Today, inspired by the outfits in the photos I posted in yesterday's post as well as the photo above, I have included some inspirational items from the 1930's found on Etsy as well as some patterns that look very similar to the outfits Stanwyck wore-which were fab-u-lous!

Stanwyck's character Lily Powers dresses like an everyday 1930's girl in the beginning of the film. She wore skirts with blouses that have large collars and cloche hats, by the middle of the film she is working in an office so she wears fancier dresses again with these amazing collars, and by the end Lily is a wealthy woman who relished in dressing the part.

I hope you enjoy some of these pieces. It is not as easy to find 1930's pieces as it is for other decades but you can always purchase patterns and make some yourself. I admire those who can sew, oh the things they can make! Okay now off to view the pieces I selected that were inspired by Lily Powers from Baby Face.

OneTwoThree, and Four

OneTwo, Three, and Four

OneTwo, Three and Four

I can post photos for days! 1930's fashion is like candy to me-super sweet and just delicious to look at! One of my favorite sellers on Etsy is Jill from Adeline's Attic Vintage. She sells clothing and accessories from the 1900's to the 1980's but she specializes in the 1930's. I just love her stuff and you must take a peak at her shop when you can.

I hope you found this post inspirational. Stanwyck's fashion in and out of cinema during the 1930's was outstanding and I will be posting about her fashion this week as well. Tune in tomorrow for a spotlight on the outstanding Miss Barbara Stanwyck!



  1. I LOVE 1930's hats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Adorable!

  2. Love it!!! I'm going to have to check out this movie. I'm also on a 30s kick lately too:)))

  3. Swoon!!!!!!! I swear the more I see of the 1930s, the more I just adore the period. My sis and I have been watching Ken Burns "The Dust Bowl" and I love the dresses!!!

  4. What splendid 30s pieces! Though that's not a decade I really wear myself (much like the 20s, I just don't seem to have the right kind of build for most thirties styles), I do enjoy drawing inspiration from it all the same, and very, very occasionally put together a late 30s-esque look. If I was going to nab any one of these items right now, it would be the very last piece - that darling pink sequins adorned hat (so cute!).

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Love, love, love 30s fashion! I would say it is my favorite decade, although I don't have any pieces from then. I love how the dresses were cut on the bias and draped so beautifully.

    My pick from your list would be the darling cream knit sweater in the first set. Can't wait to see more on Barbara.

  6. So glad you all enjoyed my "Dress Like" post. I have so much fun putting them together!! xox


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