Friday, November 2, 2012

My Birthday Boy!

I normally don't post too many photos of my children and as of late I have-unfortunatly I will be posting less although as a proud mama I want to share with the world all my beauties but I have to think safety first. So this will be the last for a while to come.

I felt compelled to share today but it is today, two years ago that my life really changed forever. I was already a mama of two but when I heard my youngest sons cry I just knew I was complete. He completes our family and I knew then that I was happy and fulfilled being a mother of three. I will always welcome children into my life but it felt good to know that I was done. And no regrets-I didn't want to ever feel like I wasn't finished having children, but having my baby boy, I knew and I felt my soul was filled. Gosh, I must sound so sappy to you all, but I can't lie. Its true.

I was just about two or three weeks away from giving birth in this photo. I was all belly! I swore he was going to be ten pounds but he surprised me by weighing the same as his brother, 7 pounds and 9 ounces. I called him "My Pumpkin" when he was inside of me and his baby shower was pumpkin themed, of course hehe

He is just about a day or two old here. It felt so good to leave the maternity room knowing I wouldn't be back. And I don't mean that in a bad way, it was just good feeling like that part of my life was finished and I would begin a new part by being a mother to three babies...ahhhh

I love snuggling and every one of my babies basically spent their first year on my chest. There is no other place a baby wants to be than with their mama. It got a little trickier when number three came into the world, but they all seemed to find a place on me hehe

Oh my little monkey boy! This is my son at almost a year old with his hair before his first haircut...wild and curly and blue eyed...who knew I'd have a blue eyed baby LOL

He is the happiest person I know. Loves to laugh and play and eat and eat and eat. Such a boy! Happy second birthday to my angel!



  1. Dear Bunny,

    Yes, your little darling is indeed a sweetheart! I love how you love your children. It is good to hear!

    This is a wonderful statement, "There is no other place a baby wants to be than with their mama." I so agree.

    I was just laying in bed this morning thinking of the days I had a baby with me. With each of my children, They stayed in my bed for at least the first year. I miss that.

    Thank you!!!! Thank you for linking up with my today, my sweet friend Bunny.


    1. Thank you my dear! Thank you for those kind words! I know they wont be babies for much longer and I am so proud that they are growing but its hard at the same time. Its all bittersweet! Hugs back!!

  2. Awww sweet story. Happy birthday to your lovely little soul:))). You truly glowed while pregnant:)

    1. Thank you Joanna! Isn't amazing how quickly they develop into this minnie people?? I am amazed all the time esp by him bc he seems to be growing in lightening speed heheh Thank you again! Muah!

  3. Awww, he's adorable! I hope he has a very happy birthday!

  4. What a heartwarming beautiful post, sweet Bunny. You are an awesome, inspiring mother and that side of you will always shine through in your posts whether they include snaps of your little angels or not.

    Happiest birthday wishes to your darling son!

    ♥ Jessica

  5. You are very blessed indeed!! I don't see myself as a mother, but I love to spoil childre rotten! So if I lived close by your kids would be even more spoiled. LOL!!

  6. What a cutie, my goodness! How quickly they grow...mine are 25,24,23 and 22 plus I have a nine month old granddaughter!! Seems like yesterday I had toddlers. Where does the time go?


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