Monday, June 4, 2012

Brooklyn Flea Market Adventures

Yesterday my family and I drove to Williamsburg, Brooklyn which was only about fifteen minutes away from where we live-which happily surprised me. See I haven't been to that part of Brooklyn since 1999 or so and I used to take the train to visit a friend of mine. Boy has Williamsburg changed! Back in the 90's there were many Manhattan residents moving there because it's so close to Manhattan and because the rent in Manhattan is insane but now it's like the Greenwich Village has moved to Williamsburg!! Hehehe

The other day I was searching for Flea Markets in New York and found that Williamsburg has one every Sunday from 10am to 5pm. There is also on in Fort Greene that we plan on checking out on a Saturday sometime this month. I figured I need to find some good places to find vintage because I just cannot fully commit to online shopping. The reasons really are because I like to see the product up close and mainly because of my figure I would rather try on an item then take the risk of shopping online and it not fitting right which has happened way too many times. I am still going to shop online, I just want to create a better balance of my shopping experiences and branch out a little more.

With that said, we got to the Flea Market at 10:30am which is not bad considering we have three small children. Unfortunately, because we still haven't purchased a proper camera yet not all of my photos that we taken came out good so I won't post them but I will post the best ones. Hopefully we will have it soon so I can get back on track Hehehe

So we walked around the market-its pretty big and well organized. We were pleasantly surprised that they had booths of food from various restaurants and such from around the neighborhood. There was one that had Japanese Tacos!!! I will be honest, the prices of items were pretty outstanding especially after experiencing what its like to shop in Missouri. So I carefully looked and asked about the cost and compared and kept looking. I walked away with only a bracelet but it was a Moonglow bracelet. I scored three while shopping with Brittany (from Va-Voom Vintage). I bought it for ten dollars and was okay with the price because I spent seven on each of the ones that I purchased on my trip. I was very pleased with myself that after a year of reading and learning I felt confidant that I knew what I was looking for. I still have loads to learn but it felt great to be aware of the types of vintage around me.

My husband scored a comic book for two dollars and some gourmet pickles and pickles chips. He knows I won't snatch any as pickles and I are not friends *smile* Overall, I would say 98% of the items on sale were pricey and most people I don't think knew how to price their vintage. For example, the gentlemen that sold me the Moonglow bracelet also priced two plastic ones for ten dollars a piece as well. And lately, I have become very picky with what I purchase because I want to make sure I will use the item often. 

After a while the babies were becoming a little restless so we purchased some yummy gourmet cupcakes (photo at top). One was maple and bacon and OMG it was yummy. The others were red velvet and chocolate blueberry. You can find them at their shop: Kumquat Cupcakery. So gosh darn yummy!!! 

We left the market around 12pm and walked around the pier-the view is amazing of the Manhattan skyline and I have decided that I must book my next shoot in that area-its just stunning! On our way back to our car my husband encouraged me to check out to thrift stores. One was huge but I couldn't find anything and I am so sorry I forgot the name :( The other is the infamous Buffalo Exchange and I have read many blog posts about this store and I finally went into it. Its basically like a consignment shop-they buy and sell vintage. I thought of buying a 1950's hat but the flowers were so bent I just decided to leave it there. It was only eleven dollars so the prices in that shop are very reasonable.  My daughter and I did dance to "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"-I love doing those things with my girl! Buffalo Exchange is a shop I will defiantly going to go to again. 

I am so happy my hubby was willing to do something different with our time together and I so excited about finding more places to do my thrifting and shopping in New York. Our time in Williamsburg was lovely and we plan to visit more often now. We are even thinking of doing one of our dates there and just stuff our faces with yummy food. Our plan is to pick a place for appetizers, a place for the entree, and a place for dessert. Okay now I am hungry Hehehe Time for lunch! Hope everyone is having a happy Monday!!



  1. What a marvelous sounding outing, I'm really happy you found a few new treasures and that your hubby was up for a day of flea marketing with you, dear gal.

    Big hugs & cheerful Tuesday wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Thank you sweets! I was happy he was too. Yeah for supportive hubby's hehehe xox


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