Saturday, June 23, 2012

Weekend Cinema Spotlight: Dial M for Murder

"Dial M for Murder" (1954)

I had a craving for a Grace Kelly movie and then I found Dial M for Murder on Netflix. I have been wanting to see this film for some time and it didn't disappoint! And I have to confess that I was also curious to see if there was any chemistry between Kelly and Ray Milland since it was rumored that they had an affair while making this film.

The film follows Tony Wendice (Milland) who is an ex-professional tennis player and lives with his wealthy wife Margot (Kelly). Margot has been having an affair with an American by the name of Mark Halliday (Robert Cummings-who was also in Beach Party). Tony meticulously plans Margot's murder so that he can inherit her fortune and live without of fear of her leaving him penniless.

Two fascinating aspects I found interesting while watching this film was Milland's facial expressions. You really have to watch his face because so much of the story is written there. Another is Kelly's wardrobe in the film which was designed by a Latino costume designer named Edward Carrere

I was drooling over Kelly's nightgown in the film-just stunning. And you just won't be able to take your eyes of the red dress she wears at the beginning of the film.

Watch closely, keep your eyes peeled, and follow the story that Alfred Hitchcock so masterfully directs. I was pleasantly surprised by the ending and I think you be will too!!



  1. I always enjoy your movie centered posts so much, sweet Bunny, and this one is no exception. This has always been one of my favourite Hitchcock films, not the least of which is because of that stunning red lace dress Grace Kelly wears in it!

    Wishing you a relaxing, gorgeous weekend!
    ♥ Jessica

  2. I'm a huge, huge Hitchcock fan and I've been trying to figure out, ever since I saw your post on Facebook, if I have seen this film. It's driving me nuts! Even reading this post doesn't help. I must have seen it a reaaaally long time ago and forgot! Either way, I need to netflix this Grace Kelly gem immediately. :)


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