Saturday, June 2, 2012

It's date night with The Avengers!

"The Avengers" (2012)

Yesterday was what we usually call our family day during the summer. After May graduation my husband has Friday's off from his first job so we usually make that our day to do things together as a family whether its the zoo or just hanging out in our backyard. This year is a little different because my husband is now working his second job on Friday's which means whatever we do on a Friday we have to be done by 4:00pm because he has to leave by 5:00pm. Do I like it? NO! But I respect his decision to do it because we need to-who doesn't need extra cash these days? LOL

Well, yesterday was a little different. My father told me a few days earlier that he wanted to pick up the kids for a sleepover. So after my daughter came home from school at 11am we went to a local store with the kids and then to Johnny Rockets for some lunch. My children are easy to please which I am really thankful for-they love just going out period! It doesn't matter if its to do something fun or to do family errands-yeah for that!

Afterwards we brought them home and got them all ready for Papa's house. He is now taking all three of them to his house-the first time was hard but I know my youngest doesn't like to be left out of things and I also know its good for all of them to have that quality time with their Grandpa. By 3:30 they were packed in Papa's car and off for lots of fun and so were we!

We went to the 3:45pm showing of The Avengers and it felt so good to be out with my hubby just the two of us. I didn't know if he was going to work after the movie but he happily surprised me by not (he had the option that night) and after the movie we went straight to a local comic book shop that had not only comics but also lots and lots of vintage goodies and toys-its my new favorite store! Then we spent a few hours in Barnes and Noble where I scored a fantastic book that I will share with you tomorrow. *smile* And we ended our date with pizza at our favorite pizza shop....seriously if felt glorious to spend so much quality time with our children and with each other-I wish we could do this more often but I am grateful for what we got.

Okay...okay now on to The Avengers because this movie just made my husband and I feel amazing. It had that old-fashioned feel to it-good against evil, doing whats right, being good no matter the outcome, and going against the grain for the good. And let's not forget that we are all different and we can find something special to do with our lives can make a differences to others. I love movies that have meaning in them whether they are a cartoon or an action flick-don't you?

For me the superheros that stood out were Captain America and The Hulk. I am a big fan of the show The Incredible Hulk with the late Bill Bixby and Mark Ruffalo who played "Dr. Bruce Banner" defiantly channeled him. I wasn't a big fan of the two Hulk films but this Hulk is the star of the show and he rocked it! I highly recommend seeing this film!

Joss Whedon who scripted and directed "The Avengers" just rocks! Our day totally rocked! I hope you all had a rockin' Friday as well!!!!



  1. So glad you guys got some time to yourselves! We wet to see The Avengers a few weeks ago and totally loved it!!!! Have you seen Captain America yet? If not, you must! Message me and I'll send you a link :P

  2. Omg I havent seen it-totally in love with the whole feel of CA! It was so good to get out together-omgggggggggggg hehehe xox

  3. Awwww, how sweet that your children adore going out no matter the reason. I fear we're losing that amongst youngsters today who feel like every outing needs to be akin to a trip to Disneyland. I remember being enthralled just going to the grocery store or to feed the ducks at a local park when I was a little girl, as I know a lot of others in our generation still did, too. I really feel you've raised your kids wonderfully, dear Bunny.

    Wishing you a stellar weekend,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Oh Jessica that is the best compliment ever! Thank you! I'm glad they are that way too and will wk hard to make sure they dont become lil brats LOL

      Hoping your wkend was nice and relaxing!!! xox


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