Monday, June 18, 2012

Thank you Beccie!!

So the other day my friend Beccie emails me and asks me for my mailing address. Beccie and I have never met and it will be some time before my family and I will be able to visit Australia, although its one of my BIG goals-it would be a trip of a lifetime. Until then I have been lucky to get to know some great gals from there. I find Australia people to be so warm, friendly, and just straight up sincere.

On that note, I have been lucky to be getting to know Beccie online and she is an AMAZING seamstress. And I mean AMAZING! She's so talented and even has a blog all about her creations called Sew Retro Rose. So like I mentioned, Beccie emails me and tells me she has a surprise for me. Seriously, people still surprise me! I still get caught off guard when people are rude and I still get thrilled when people aren't.

I didn't know what to expect and then I get this box that contains the Sculpture Pin Curler Set. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!! What an awesome and amazing gift from such a sweet and lovely women. She really didn't have to and I am so incredibly grateful for the special gift and for the thought behind it. Beccie bought the set and had an extra so she thought I can use it. I mean to be thought of by someone you have never met physically from literally the other side of the world just really makes me still believe in beauty that people have inside of them and has left me so humbled!

I needed to take out a post just to thank her because she deserves it and also to let you gals know that I will defiantly try this out and let you know how it goes. Doing pin curls by hand would totally kill my arms and hands so I think this will help me out tremendously!

Thank you Beccie for thinking of me! For surprising me and for always being such a sweetheart to me. You're kindness and friendship I hold dear!



  1. Hi Bunny!

    I'm so happy that the package arrived! I was also planning on sending some of Australia's famous chocolate biscuits - Tim Tams - for you to share with your kids and your hubby, but there wasnt room in the box. Next time!

    I couldn't think of a more deserving person for a pin-curler doo-dad than you, and you know what, I didnt even think about your disability when I sent it, but now I see that its probably perfect!

    I know that in your position you struggle to do all the things you want to, and if I could do more I would, but being so far away makes it difficult.

    I'm glad I brightened your day. You are a wonderful, warm, inspiring woman. I'm glad we've found each other :)

  2. What a fabulously lovely surprise! Can't wait to see all the terrific pin curl looks you'll create with this handy tool.

    Big hugs & joyful Tuesday wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  3. How sweet!

    I look forward to see the results! I'm very tempted to buy those, but I haven't quite convinced myself that I need them. :)

  4. That's very sweet of her!

    I've been thinking about getting one eventually. I've been wanting to start playing with pincurls, and my sis has agreed to be my model as I attempt them on her. :)

    Good luck with all kinds of hep looks, Bunny! You have beautiful hair to work with!

  5. Bunny,
    You deserve to be spoiled and surprised!

    Beccie, you rock for being the gal to do this for Bunny!

    Can't wait to see you in Pin Curls Bunny! I will have to get one of those nifty tools when my hair stops falling out and grows back (the dang meds I take are killing it!)

  6. Oh thank you gals!!! Youre all so sweet!!! I think its a treasure indeed to connect with like minded and loving people. I feel very lucky to be able to get to know all of you!! Muah!!!


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