Friday, May 4, 2012

Bunny's Book Club: Audrey Hepburn, An Elegant Spirit

Audrey Hepburn as a child

I had to take a break from my posts about my trip to Missouri to wish Miss Audrey Hepburn a Happy Birthday and to share you my thoughts on one of my heroes. I will return with more adventures on my trip tomorrow for sure. 

She would have been eighty-three today and I believe would have continued to be a champion for the children of our world. I spotlighted Ms. Hepburn in November 2011 and it is my favorite post I have written so far.

Sean Hepburn Ferrer's favorite
photo of him and his beloved mother.

In honor of her birthday I would like to share my impression of the biography on the life of Ms. Hepburn that was so exquisitely written by her eldest son, Sean Hepburn Ferrer.

Let me start by saying that I thought I admired her before I read the book, now I feel a special connection because I found similarities with our personalities that I never noticed before. I also found a kindred connection with Ms. Hepburn when it came to her calling to service and the way she looked at the world and loved the children in it. 

This biography, Audrey Hepburn, An Elegant Spirit, is worth every single penny. If you are truly a fan of hers then you MUST read this book---every word of it because it will warm your heart and make you look into yourself as well.

I don't have a lot of time to read books because my mama schedule is so demanding but little by little I would read when I ate my lunch and read when my husband was home. Its like a large scrapbook which I loved, so many amazing and personal photos that were in it. I felt like I was peaking into Sean's life with his beloved mother.

By the time I read the last passages, I was in tears. Her approach to living, the way she loved, the way she viewed life just moved me in ways I didn't expect. That's how truly beautiful she was. I can honestly say now that although I adore Marilyn Monroe and admire Rita Hayworth....Audrey Hepburn in my HERO! And when I grow up I hope I can be as graceful and full of love as she was, even through the pain and suffering, even at the last and final moments of her life.

So Happy Birthday Ms. Hepburn. You have inspired me to continue to look beyond myself. And you have inspired me to keep hold of the goal of doing service. Thank you.



  1. Happy birthday, Audrey! She was definitely taken from us too soon.

    I have not read that book yet and now it is on my library saved list. :) Another good bio on her is called Enchantment (?) by Donald Spoto. I read it about five years ago and I went through a bit of an Audrey obsession afterwards. Have you read it?

    PS. I've been reading your last couple of posts on your MO trip and it sounds spectacular! xoxo

  2. I havent rd it but now I have to. This book is like the ultimate one though I think just bc it was written by her son who adored her. You can really get a sense of what an amazing woman she must have been. Yeah! So happy you have been reading them! Thanks! More to come!! xox

  3. Such a beautiful ode to one of the most elegant, charming, talented women to ever grace the silver screen. I think you transmit a very Audrey-esque vibe in all that you do, dear Bunny, and can definitely see why she is your hero.

    Thank you very, very much for your wonderful comment on my vintage outfit post today. I'm elated that I've been able to get out every now and then since the move for a day like that. They're not everyday, but in a way that makes them all the more special and worth looking forward to.

    Sending countless hugs your way, dear friend!


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