Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Vintage Wardrobe: Train Case Show and Tell

About two months ago I began a series called My Vintage Wardrobe in order to help me learn and understand more of what I want to get out of the wardrobe I am creating as well as to share with you the progress I have made with it :)

So here is a little glimpse into what kind of collection I have been working on when it comes to vintage jewelry. I am focusing more on owning original 1940's pieces as well as pieces specifically from when WWII was happening.

On Mother's Day I took some time out for myself and cleaned and organized my bedroom a bit more. My husband gifted me with this great train case that I really needed because my accessories were all over the place. It's not good when you have small children but its also not good because you want to preserve your items, not allow them to get lost or damaged in anyway. So I simplified the top of my dresser and added the train case as the main portion so that it will be easily accessible to me. The mini baskets on top of it contain my scarves :)

This train case is in awesome shape! It has the original mirror, a tray, four side pockets, and a key so I can lock it up away from little fingers hehehe I put two photos that I purchased at the Antique Mall with Brittany on my trip. One is of Maria Montez, a Dominican (latina) actress from the 1940's and the other of a regular couple...I find them inspiring. The tray contains my earrings, necklaces, brooches, and a few modern pieces that I wear everyday like my wedding ring and watch.

Under the tray I am storing my snoods, flowers, makeup, bracelets, mirror, and other various items.

These are some of my favorite brooches so far. The top right is my WWII "Dice" brooch, the heart Mother brooch was a giftie from my friend Brittany for Mother's Day ( I LOVE IT!), and below it is a Mother brooch given to me by my sister in law. In the middle is a western inspired brooch with the original card given to me by my SIL, a "D" Lucite brooch made by Brittany--I would have included the "B" brooch Brittany gave to me but I think I left it in MO. Also, there is a 1940's deer with a working bell, a 1930's guitar brooch, a Spanish guitar brooch, and lastly the arch of St. Louis that I bought on my trip.

My first pieces of Bakelite gifted to me by Brittany. I won't be able to start investing in more Bakelite until I have a completed my vintage wardrobe on some level. But I am aware that it is a staple for every 1940's gal.

These earrings were purchased at the Antique Mall in Mo. So sorry the photo isn't better. I had to use flash since I took it late at night. But I scored some 1940's fruit inspired earrings, four pairs of red earrings, a turquoise round pair, and a pair of card earrings.

I love these two pieces to bits! Authentic WWII time period "V" for Victory brooch and a 1940's airplane hair clip. I found these pieces on good 'ole Etsy!

Lastly, here are my bracelets. I don't have a lot but I am slowly building my collection. Most pieces are from Etsy, the three in the above photo were purchased in the Antique Mall in MO, and the beaded bracelets were purchased in Claire's accessories for a dollar a piece.

I hope you enjoyed this little tour into my train case. I am so happy to be able to organize everything and have a clearer idea of what pieces I need to be looking for. Jewelry is so much fun. I forgot how much fun they can be!!



  1. I have the queen of hearts card earrings! I got them at a local estate sale. You have great brooches.

  2. Oh my word, what an amazing little treasure chest of stunning vintage accessories. You have a huge collection, lucky lady! Thank you for sharing these great pieces with us - I recognize some from your past post and am sure we'll see others in post to come.

    Wishing you a marvelous Thursday,
    ♥ Jessica

  3. I love it! I wish we had better vintage stores to explore in my area!


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