Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day: Remembering WWII

"The Kissing Couple" in Times Square in New York City.
Greta Zimmer Friedman and George Mendonsa

Today is a day of remembrance to all those who fought for freedom. On a personal note, I remember my grandfather, Nelson Rodriguez Sr. who fought bravely in France, my beloved neighbor John Kelley who fought in the Pacific, and also my Uncle, Nelson Seda who fought in the Pacific as well during WWII.

To all those who carried a weapon, who wiped the foreheads of those injured, who did blood drives and metal drives, who wrote letters to our servicemen and women.....who simply did their part to ensure that we could be free. Especially to all those who sacrificed during World War II-without them our entire existence would be completely different and most likely a very scary place to be in.

Here is a compilation of a few photos, some iconic, from WWII:

February 19. 1945~Raising the flag on the beach of Iwo Jima

St. Paul's Cathedral in December 1940

Hawaiian, Luemon Kiyama embraces his son, Sgt. Howard Kiyama, 
after he returns home from the war

Stacks of newspapers during the end of the war

The result of the Atomic Bomb~August 8th, 1945

WWII Nurses

The Sullivan Brothers~Joseph, Francis, Albert, Madison,
and George Sullivan. A mother lost all five of her sons in one 
day. Because of this and also many other siblings who died with
the Sullivans the US Government adopted the Sole Survivor Policy

So I simply say Thank You and that I promise that I will never forget.



  1. Eloquently, touchingly said, dear Bunny. Thank you for this excellent post.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Bunny, I love this page. I shared on my facebook site for my ebook on (War Stories: A Father Talks to His Daughter).

    Thank you...


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