Friday, September 14, 2012

Growing up is hard to do!!

I know many of you have survived finished the first week of school with your children just as I have. For me it has been a bittersweet experience. My daughter is in Kindergarten-she's a big girl now! It's her first time going to school full day and it has meant that we both have a different schedule. What I do with the boys and my day has shifted and instead of leaving at 10:30 a.m. to pick her up (its a 30 minute walk for me or more) I now leave at 1:20 p.m. 

I won't lie my body and my legs especially are still getting used to all this, as I push up two dreadful hills with a double stroller filled with big boys but I did it! I keep telling myself it will be good exercise for me and its good for the boys to get fresh air. But me legs are still cursing me out hehe

For those of you who have children or family who started school this year--Does it get easier as they get older? I won't lie-watching her grow up has been a little hard. I keep shaking my head in wonder that I have a five year old because I still remember her being inside of me. 

My husband took this photo of her in front of our home. Please forgive the weeds on our lawn-we are masters as growing them LOL Ugh I defiantly do not have a green thumb! Anyhoo-I can't get over how my daughter is posing in this photo-such a little model. I think she has been watching mama practice hehe

It was taken on her very first day of school. One of many firsts. And I still have two more babies to go! I feel so proud of her though-not about what she does in particular but just because she IS. Do you know what I mean?

Growing  up is hard to do! For us-for them-but it's these special moments-bittersweet and full of joy and wonder that make growing up a little sweeter and pulls our heartstrings.



  1. Awe! She looks so much like you! Such a pretty little girl!

  2. Congratulations on your daughter's first day of school:))

  3. She really does look like a sweet little model. What an angel you've raised, dear Bunny. Not having children, I can't say first hand if it gets easier, but I think if I look at the experience through my mother's eyes (she had three kids, of which I'm the oldest), it does in some ways - at least in that seeing your kids off to school every day becomes more routine and less break-your-heart-tough each time.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. I had the same experience, our girls are the same age. I thought I was going to cry but it has been easy going here. I still have a little one at home to keep me company. Now my daughter doesn't want to go to school she has a tummy ache in the morning, so I have to say, "It's the law, and if you don't go the police will arrest me and take me to jail." Then she's fine. Ha, ha.

  5. Awww, what a cutie! I hope her first week of school went well for both her and you!

  6. Bunny, she looks so much like you! What a sweet little girl :) I don't have children either, but watching my husbands two grow up since I met them has been fascinating - we are in the teenage years with them now so its going to get more an more interesting as time goes along I'm sure!
    PS. I don't have a green thumb either - try as I might I just kill plants!

  7. What an adorable youngster and talented poser! You are so lucky! I am sorry to hear that the walk is so very painful for your legs. As I have had to learn myself to make walking less painful for me at times, I hope you do not mind me mentioning what worked and continues to work for me. I try to wear comfortable and supportive shoes. However, I have also learned that no matter how comfortable your shoes are, it really helps to have orthotics. But I have a feeling, as I write this, none of this is new to you. Last but not least, because of the unpleasant effects of Lyme disease, I have had to wear support hose in the past when the blood in my legs was not circulating correctly. One of the things I learned from the experience was how much less my legs were tired when I wore them. Now, it may not be necessary for you to wear support hose, but maybe a pair of support socks which are not terribly expensive can help your legs feel less strained as your legs begin to adjust to the extra strain being placed on them. Please forgive me if my suggestions are not as appropriate as I hope they are for you. I am merely thinking of my own experiences and trying to pass on to you and others, if there are any, what I found that worked for me that might help others to learn about themselves.


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