Monday, August 20, 2012

Remembering My Wedding Day Today...

I'd like to share some photos from my wedding day since today is our 7th Wedding Anniversary. Seven is an important number to us for many reasons-my husband is born on 7.7 and we were both born in the 70s, we had our daughter (first child) in 2007 and it goes on an on. Corny I know but that's how we roll hehee

We married on August 20th, 2005 in St. Patrick's Cathedral in Manhattan and had our reception in a small Italian restaurant nearby. We combined both our cultures of being of Spanish (me) and Italian (him) descent. Although technically we are American we wanted to celebrate my Puerto Rican and his Uruguayan heritage.

So the food was Italian, the cake was Puerto Rican, and we played a mix of American and Spanish songs. I made our favors myself with the help of my older brother. They were CD's like the kind you buy in a store. So I scrapbooked the booklet insert with the "story of us" and burned the CD's with songs that we both choose since music is very important to both of us.

Our wedding was simple but pretty and slightly modern with a touch of old fashioned things. My veil was like a Spanish veil and my dress slightly modern because it had some pink in it. I needed a little color in my dress because I am so fair hehe

My something borrowed was my father handkerchief-something he always has in his back pocket and always used to wipe away my tears when I was a child.

My father lent me away because I don't like saying he gave me away because like he taught me-we don't belong to our parents because God loans us to them.

My husband is very shy and reserved so when he dove in for that first kiss I was pleasantly surprised!

Holding hands is something very special to us. On our very first date I went to take his arm but instead he grabbed my hand-needless to say I was in heaven!

Our first dance was to a Spanish song I would always sing to him by Cristian Castro called, "Cuando me miras asi" (When you look at me so). 

Dreams CAN come true!!!



  1. You look really pretty as a bride! Love that veil. No need to have a huge wedding to be happy, mine was really small (only 12 people) and I will remember it all my life!
    Joyeux anniversaire for you both!!!!

  2. very pretty, you two look like a couple of kids.

  3. How incredibly beautiful - this post brought tears to my eyes, especially since I know that you're so happy together still, as I hope with all my heart you always will be.

    Joyful anniversary wishes to you both - may you always countless more years of togetherness and wedded bliss.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Lovely images, it almost feels like we were all invited:))

  5. Oh thank you all-you gals are all so wonderful to me. I am a lucky girl indeed!! xox

  6. Just beautiful Bunny :)

    And its funny that you have a thing going on with the number 7... my husband and I have a thing with the number 3. We got married during our 3rd year together, 3 days after I turned 33, and our wedding was a 3 day celebration. And it was only after I'd organised it all that I realised all the reoccuring 3s!!!

  7. What a great-looking couple you are!

  8. Bon anniversaire de mariage et bonne continuation à vous deux.

  9. What a beautiful wedding. You looked spectacular! I love the fusion of cultures. That makes it even more special. ;)

  10. Thank you all-your words and sentiments made my anniversary extra special-thank you!! xox


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