Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekend Cinema Spotlight: The Time Machine

"The Time Machine" (1960)

Ever wanted to travel through time? The film "The Time Machine" will surely take you for a ride. It stars Rod Taylor (who also starred in the film "The Birds"), who is an inventor from 1899 who basically invents a time machine.

It begins with his friends meeting him for dinner and then he walks into the room late because he just returned from his travels. He travels to 1914, 1940, 1966, and lastly the year 802,701.

There's something charming about this version H.G. Wells's "The Time Machine" I have to admit I don't mind the 2002 remake but I much prefer Rod Taylor's take as the inventor who sees the world through time traveling eyes.

The incredibly handsome and dapper Rod Taylor

I don't know about any of you but I have always been fascinated by time and space travel. As a child I wanted to be an Archaeologist and an Astronaut (not at the same time LOL). I am a huge fan of Star Trek and Doctor Who, so you can imagine how my mind works LOL I love the thought of an adventure. As I have grown older I realized that adventures can happen right in your own living room, but I will always love the idea of traveling through space and time.

So do you think Rod Taylor's character stays in 1899 or goes off to live other lives in other realms of time? This film is written beautifully and honestly in the end there is a bitter sweetness that resonates long after the credits are gone.

Think about where you would like to travel to if you could? I mean, you never know....I think anything is possible!


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