Monday, November 28, 2011

Decorating for Christmas!

Can you believe its almost that time of year? You know the one where we dust off our Christmas decorations, design Christmas card, and threaten our children that if they don't behave that Santa is not coming to bring them presents??!!

Well it is! I have dusted off my Christmas decorations and although I put them up super duper early this year--I did so with love. I usually like to decorate after Thanksgiving which is one of our traditions but I have learned with very young children you need to do what you can when you can. So when my daughter had a day off of school, she went with her little brother to sleep over papa's house. My husband took the day off from his first job because he has a lot of vacation days to still use up and we stayed home with our youngest.

Although I was beginning to get my now two week long cold, we were able to decorate and clean up the house. I finished up the Christmas tree during that weekend. The theme for our decor is Disney-mainly Mickey and Minnie Mouse. We are without a doubt huge Disney fans-not the crazy or weird kind though. If you're a Disney fan you know what I mean LOL

This year we put out even less than we usually do. We usually have ornaments on the tree, statues of Mickey and Minnie, Light up Mickey and Minnie images for the windows, the Nativity Scene, and much more. We  learned the following year that toddlers basically grab, pull, and tear apart everything they can get their cute little chubby hands on!

And now that I have a kid-to-be, a toddler, and a baby who wants to be a toddler there is NO way I am taking all the decorations out. I may have to wait three more years to put out the ornaments-what a bummer but I will save the lives of many ornaments to come especially my super rare ones! Our ornaments are Disney based as well but also our favorite movies, so I have a "It's a wonderful life" ornament and "A Christmas story" ornament as well.

Anyway, here's a bit of how I decorated for this year:

Stockings hung with care :)

Yes, these are Mickey Mouse head garlands!
Frames with the photos of my little ones as babies
in their Christmas best! Its on a mantel above the couch!
This is at our entrance in between the Foyer and Living Room.
I have garlands strung up in every doorway on the first
floor-simple, affordable, and really adds Christmas cheer to your home!
I have a few of these little guys hanging around our kitchen.
My daughter is itching to get her hands on them LOL
I purchased them for a dollar a piece at a local dollar store one year!
Our Christmas tree-forgive this photo-I know it's blurry LOL
We put a gate around it so the kiddies cant get to it and I have
red thick curtains to keep any drafts from coming into the
house as well :)

So there you have it-a little peak into my home and how I decorated it for Christmas. What theme do you have for Christmas? What vintage items do you incorporate into  your holiday decor?

Let the fun and cheery festivities begin!!



  1. I really love Xmas... I think I will decorate my tree the next week-end. I use some vintage ornements for the tree but I keep a soft decoration because my everyday deco is so full of vintage objects everywhere in my house.
    I love Disney too and I own some ornements from Disneyland too!!!

  2. I love it too! Its just such a festive season. I can only imagine how beautiful your home will be all decorated for the season!! I love it! xox


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