Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Vintagey Things Galore!

Although I have been quiet on the vintage front, it doesn't mean I haven't kept myself busy doing vintagey things. There is a lots to share with all of you so I created a collage of everything! Okay so in no particular order here is what I have been up to and what I have discovered.
Many of our rockabilly/vintage sisters are on their way to attend the Viva Las Vegas Weekender. I am sure we will see some fabulous photos on their blogs soon enough! Just makes me wish their were 1940's/WWII weekend events here in the states. Alas, just keeps me motivated to fly over to land of tea and crumpets someday soon! hehe
There are more vintagey events coming up this spring as well. For those who swoon over classic films and its stars of yesteryear, there is the fantastic TCM Film Festival. And yes, this is SO on my Vision Board! How could it not be? There are so few classic film actors with us today so if you can swing by to this event (in California), it looks spectacular! And Robert Osborne will be there....double swoon!
The last event I will share with you all is called Chiller Theatre. It may not be for everyone but for those who enjoy conventions and meeting your favorite actors/actresses-this may be for you. The last time I attended a Chiller event was just before my husband and I became pregnant with our first child, so that makes it 2007 I believe. It was a blast, we met most of the cast of "The Christmas Story", Peter Criss from Kiss, and so many other unbelievable people. This year I will be going with my husband, brother, and his girlfriend. I am beyond thrilled because aside from the fact that the four of us have never hung out together, I will also hopefully be meeting Patty Duke, two members from The Monkees, Jay north (original Denise the Menace), Ricou Browning (the last Universal Monster actor) from "Creature from the Black Lagoon). There will be lots of modern actors there as well but I have my sights on the old school bunch. I mean Patty Duke??!!! O...M...G!

The third issue of Hey Doll! Vintage Magazine will be coming to your computer screen soon on April 6th. The issue is dedicated too the 1960's and we would love it if you sent us a photo of yourself (dressed 60's) for our Dolled Up section. We are also accepting submissions for future issues and some of the themes will be 1920's, 1930's, Patriotic, Summertime, etc. Anything from recipes, hometown vintage, DIY, personal stories, music, art, beauty, and how-to's. Just drop us a line at Thank you!
We decided to dedicate our latest issue to the 1960's because aside from the fact that we (Brittany and I) both love the 1960's, the show that reintroduced the world to this amazing decade will be returning! Mad Man will come back on Sunday, April 7th at 9pm for a TWO hour season premiere!!!! Tune in!
One of my favorite shows is also coming back! Call the Midwife Season Two premieres here in the states on Sunday, March 31st at 8pm. I cannot wait!!! Can you??
Like many of you--I am always search for the products that fit me best-literally and figuratively. I got some rave reviews from some of my vintage sisters and now I have two of the BEST bras ever! Amerimark has a slew on vintage-like products so I highly recommend checking out the site. Don't get discouraged because it looks like a site where older (and I mean like 70s-80s) women may shop at because they have some outstanding products. This bra is one of them and only cost me $14.99!!! I love how much support it gives and also has a little padding at the shoulder which is super comfy. It has no wires which is the best part for me because I am finding the wires to be ultra uncomfy! The only thing I would say is the shape it gives your breasts will take some getting used to. It gives you a 1940's silhouette but I love it hehe Oh yeah, also be aware that the company calls the phone number you give in your order-they try to sell health insurance, which I found strange so just don't give any information and politely hang up! 
The last product I have to share with you all is called No 7 by Boots. I have been wanting to take some extra care of my skin lately especially since I have puffy eyes and dark circles due to constant lack of sleep. I have been using the facial wash every morning and night along with a under eye cream (photo to the right). In the morning I put on a day cream and during the evening a night cream. I have never used creams before so it is a new regime for me. I also use their facial scrub once a week and hope to get their mask as well. I really like it. My skin is softer to touch and all the products smell great. It has helped with my under eye problems but I do believe that more sleep will do the trick. Have you tried any No 7 products?

So, there you have it. All the little vintagey things that I have been up to lately or learning about or doing. hehe I would like to leave you with a bit of a tease. Once I reach 100 followers I will be hosting a BIG giveaway in order to celebrate. Keep your eyes peeled for an announcement!!



  1. Woo hoo! Only one more person until 100!

    1. You are my good luck charm hehe I made it to 100! Whoot! Thank you! xox

  2. This Rosie thing looks awesome ... Wait, IT IS AWESOME! ;) This is one awesome list of vintage goodness. Hugs to you doll, and thanks for the shout out.

  3. The TCM Classic Film Festival!!! I said I was going to go this year! Oh, well. **Sad Snoopy Music** When is the meet-up? I'm dying to go!


  4. So much vintage awesomeness at work in this fun post, dear Bunny (I just love doing mixed bag "this and that" posts like this sometimes, don't you?). I'm really looking forward to the slew of Viva posts that looms on the horizon, too.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Oh, how neat!! I would love to do a Rosie's group, but there are so few vintage enthusiasts here in Terre Haute. :-(

  6. I use the Boots No 7 beautiful skin day cream. For me, it's perfect because even at 39, I still have a T zone that gets breakouts if my moisterizer is too heavy. It's also good on my very dry areas. When I finish the face wash that I have now (Soap and Glory), I'll try their face wash. New York Rosies sounds like a great idea! I've never been up to NYC on my own, only with my husband, but I would love to try to come up for a meet-up. I've tried to plan Mid-Atlanic meet-ups, usually at the Reading WWII reenactment weekend ( but it always falls through. That end of the school year time is busy for my family. I know there are other East Coast vintage gals there.

  7. Ooh, lots of goodies here. Lemme see...
    There are some 40's events here. Just not as many as back home in the UK- but I *did* get to go to Jamestown Military through the Ages, with a lovely landgirl booth :) You can see photos on my blog!
    Squeeeeeeeee! The creature from the black lagoon?! Oh I will be jealous! My kids, husband and I are huge Svengoolie fans, and he screens the classic universal monster flicks, so that would be fun!
    Call the Midwife- well Mum sent me the video because... SHE grew up like that! She and my aunt were telling my how it was so much like their childhood. They grew up in South East London in the 1950s. Mum was actually delivered by a Midwife who rode a bike! And even better, my other Nan was a nurse then ;) They say the only wrong thing with the series, is that the children ALL wore handknit cardigans and jumpers- they could NEVER have managed to pay for the store bought stuff. And that the nurses wore cloaks, and at Christmas they turned them inside out so the red lining was showing :) Fun huh?
    Boots no. 7. I love Boots, and miss it dearly over here. If you ever get a chance, you can watch Victorian Pharmacy (it is by the same people as Wartime/Edwardian/Victorian farm), because they mention the beginnings of Boots. Anyway, I love no. 7 stuff, and I have a cold cream by Boots that is to die for. I have had such issues with dry skin patches on my face and it is something FINALLY that is helping.
    OK this is too long as a comment now, never mind ;)


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