Wednesday, March 13, 2013

It pays to shop around!!

Some people believe that it pays to shop around. I am one that defiantly believes it is worth the time and effort to comparison shop. Whether it is for clothes, household items, food, or even big ticket items like plane tickets, a car, or even a home. My father always tells me that it is not how much you make but what you do with what you make. Its been five years that I have been a stay at home mother and I have learned so many incredibly valuable lessons when it comes to finances and shopping.

One of my many motto's has now become, "Get more bang for your buck!" Little did I know, even this phrase is vintage! It was first used in the 1950's and then again in the 1960's. Whether you have little to work with or a lot, might as well get the most of what you have!

Like many of you I search Etsy and Ebay frequently. Most of the time (about 90%) I am on those sites just to look and observe and learn. I have learned a lot about vintage clothing and such just by looking alone. But this is where it gets interesting.

Not too long ago I was looking through Ebay and searching for "1940's Brooches". I like to look at the different types of brooches that are for sale and compare with what Etsy has. Then I came across this amazing brooch that I knew I have seen before but wasn't sure if it was still around. To my surprise it was still available (on Etsy) and I compared it to the one I found on Ebay and yes they were the same! My eyes became large and almost popped out of my head because the price difference was huge...and I mean huge!

Another shocker....the brooch didn't sell! I then emailed the seller and asked if I could buy the brooch via a "buy it now" option. This seller was amazing to work with and they said yes!!! Would you like too know what I paid???? Well, first take a look at the AMAZING brooch I scored...
It's it just the neatest brooch EVER!??? I purchased it for $28.00 including shipping!!!!! My hubby treated me to this beauty and the best treat of all is that on Etsy it is being sold for $155 dollars!!!!! Oh yes, you read that right! Is this a deal or what?! The seller I worked with is so amazing I will most likely shop from them (when I can) over and over again. I sort of feel flabbergasted that I purchased this unique brooch for such a low price but I also feel so satisfied that I shopped around and didn't just settle for the prices that are out there.

I am now the proud owner of this 1940's beauty. I simply cannot wait to pin this on-whoot! Bunny is doing a happy dance!

Have you had this happen to you? What deals and finds did you score? Any tips for shopping around for vintage?



  1. Great score, so cute!! I haven't had anything that dramatic that I can recall, but I recently saw 2 of the same vintage sewing booklets both favorited by me on my Etsy wish list and noticed one was half the price of the other! I snapped that puppy up. lol

  2. FUN!!! That's the best! Really cute brooch too!! You are a lucky gal!!!

  3. Oh Bunny that is AHHHMAZING!!!!! You lucky thing you!!!

  4. I love that brooch! So pretty. What a great find, love it when you find a bargain :-)

  5. If I nodded anymore emphatically to the title of this great post, I think I'd risk giving myself whiplash. It's so, so true! It really does pay - as this wonderful example proves - to shop around. It might not always be the speediest approach, but for those vintage babes on a budget in particular, it can often be the only way to eventually snag our dream pieces. Congrats on finding this awesome vintage brooch, dear Bunny, it's really lovely!

    ♥ Jessica

  6. I usually see them cheaper on Ebay. I won a dress for under 40 on Ebay and then saw it on Etsy for like over 100! Great brooch though, right up your alley.

  7. Lovely! I can't wait to see your vintage score on an outfit! It's totally you:))) Love the rhinestones.

  8. Thank you ladies! Totally excited to see if I can repeat this with a dress hehehe Thank you for your lovely comments!!!! xox

  9. How fantastic!!! I adore that brooch!! Speaking of bang for your buck, I'm still working on that post. Wow, I'm slow on it. :)

  10. I just LOVE that pin!

    :) Hope

  11. Hello,

    I have changed my blog URL one last time.

    I felt that my last one was too long and complicated.

    Could I trouble you to update your reading/blog list?

    Sorry for the trouble~
    :( Hope

  12. Wow thats a fabulous brooch and what a bargain! I love bargains :)


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