Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Vintage Home: Playroom Decorations

At the beginning of this month, I shared with you all my plans to redecorate and reorganize my home as well as add a vintage feel to my everyday living. I mean, your home is your sanctuary, right?

Last time showed you my children's rooms and my hopes, wishes, and dilemmas in redecorating them. I am still staring at the paint booklets that I have and I am thinking of either going with a shade of blue for both rooms (because I want them to flow into another-almost being the sibling of the other) or a shade of green/blue.

My plan is to score the paints during the month of March so that during the month of April we can clear out the rooms, paint, and begin the process of redecorating. I decided that the touch of vintage that will be represented in each room (the children's bedroom and playroom) will be in the form of decoration. I also decided to keep my daughters furniture in the main room and store the boys furniture in the garage. The playroom is so small, I really don't want any large pieces of furniture in there.

And since their ceiling fans, curtain rods, and furniture are all white-the dash of color will come from the walls as well as the decorations. This will hopefully give me a shabby chic yet vintage look and feel.

I decided I will focus on my search for decorations in Etsy and The Land of Nod. I found so many great pieces in both places. I love the look of the photo of the room above-so that is now my inspiration.

Here are some things I found on the website in The Land of Nod:
 The suitcases are another from of storage-I love storage! I adore this growth chart-it can be used for all three of my babies and I adore how it has bunnies on it hehe The theater you see can be changed into a food stand and a post office so its very versatile and I like that-more bang for your buck, right?
 I love the wall storage bins as well as the idea of stacking crates. Their main bedroom will hold their bookcase and a toy bin (both white) so the playroom really need smaller and more compactable storage. I am also looking for something for the living and foyer-something where I can hang the kids outerwear, put shoes away, and book bags because two years from now all three will be in school and mama need order in the home! LOL
These pieces were found in Etsy. I adore this house shaped shadow box-small little things can be placed in it. I also love the idea of including some vintage toys-as decoration only. And let us not forget banks! Isn't this clever dutch girl bank the cutest thing ever!

Do you like my finds? Are there any shops you would recommend to me? (thanks!)



  1. I love that sofa in the corner! Where did you get this?

  2. You are AMAZING. Enough said. I love vintage toys and child room decorations. They were so classy and innocent back then. Now things are so freaking flashy. Ugh. If I have kids, I'm going to follow in your footsteps. :)

  3. They're such fantastic finds! It's super impressive that you've made so many changes to the playroom in such a short amount of time. I love (!) the red colour palette. When I was little, one of the first houses we lived in had a wee little play room, which my mom did up in primary shades of red, yellow and blue. I've loved red in kid's playrooms ever since.

    Awesome job, dear Bunny!

    ♥ Jessica

  4. LOVE!!! The decor that you have picked out is adorable!!! You get the best mom ever award!!!

  5. These things are all so cute! I absolutely love the suitcases!


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