Monday, July 15, 2013

My Vintage Wardrobe: Tulips in Summer

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I have become enamored with Tulips. I think they are just so dainty, feminine, vibrant, and pretty. And when it comes to My Vintage Wardrobe, I felt inspired by the tulips I saw in the springtime and wanted to channel that vibrant and dainty feelings that I think tulips inspire.

For my last full night in Philedelphia, we decided to have dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. My husband is a lover of rock music and we have both been to many hard rock's in various other cities and countries, so we figured-why not? 

We had already had a long and busy day so I needed to create my look in under twenty minutes. Twenties minutes? Impossible right? I thought it would be but I simplified my look in a few ways. And at the end, I loved the look. I felt great and pretty and all that jazz plus I didn't exhaust myself with the usual preparation it takes when I dress up.
Hair Rat
My hair is what usually takes the longest and that is because I am just not a pro at hairstyles-not yet anyway. So I washed the 60's right out of my hair and went for my trusty hair rats and snood!

I left my hair wet and rolled them up into victory rolls. Then I slipped on my snood and there you have it. Instant 1940's hairstyle. Just super easy peasy!
1940's Snoods
I enjoying matching when I dress up or creating a theme with the look I am doing. Since my dress had a red tulip print all over I decided to match it up with a pair of tulips shaped earrings and a tulip brooch.
Tulip Earrings
Tulip Brooch
Since I spent most of the day in my 60's photo shoot makeup and hair, I really didn't feel up to putting on more heavy makeup. What I did was put on moisturizer, primer, clinque powder, and my trusty MAC Russian Red lipstick. Super simple and yet still going with the vintage look. I actually surprised myself with how at ease I was in applying everything. I think being tired helped me not overly stress my look or how to achieve my look. 
MAC Russian Red

Tulip Dress
Here is a closer look of the tulip print. The dress is 1950's and although my hair and makeup is 1940's-it is very possible to change things up with decades. I really do think the most important part of a vintage look is the hair and makeup. It sets the whole tone and foundation for your look.
Bunny Moreno
The last part of my look was my handbag that was purchased at an Antique Mall in MO from my last trip in April. I love that the beads are clear because you can wear it with anything and it will match and look good with most any outfit.

We had a wonderful time at dinner and our eldest son actually fell asleep while waiting for his food, poor baby. They were all such great sports to let mama and daddy eat out hehe

I hope you enjoyed this look of tulips in summer. Simple and easy and very doable.

Do you like tulips as much as I do? If so, what have you acquired for your vintage wardrobe with tulips as a theme?

My Outfit:
1950's Dress: Lola Mayy
Tulip Earrings: whoop
1950's Tulip Brooch: CHEAPFRLLS1
Red Snood: Purchased in MO
Clear Beaded Handbag: Purchased in MO


  1. You look lovely! I too think tulips are pretty swell. I have a brooch somewhere (the perils of many compartments in just as many handbags, lol) but my latest tulip purchase was actually fabric. I found a couple vintage inspired feedsack type prints with tulips the last time I was at the fabric store, so those are currently waiting to be turned into new blouses.

    I must say I'm also quite jealous of your ability to create quick victory rolls. I've been practicing my pin curl sets and I'm getting quite adept at a back roll, but this one classic staple style still eludes me. My hair just will not cooperate!

  2. What a lovely outfit! I love that you also used tulips in you accessories.

  3. Simply gorgeous! Almost Valentino red!

  4. You did such an awesome job with your look. I cannot believe how good your hair looks considering how quickly you put it together. I hope to get there one day. The whole look is just lovely. I think your dress could totally pass for 40s. What a great find. I would love this dress too!!!!!

  5. Such a lovely outfit! I adore putting a snood on for when you just don't have time to spend on a hairstyle, they are so quick and easy.


  6. Ohhh this is stunning! I can't believe those earrings & brooch aren't an actual set, they were made for each other!

    <3 Sara

  7. Fantastic job! The dress is adorable and red is a perfect color for you. I love how you fixed your hair, so cute.

  8. What a completely darling, summery, super pretty tulip filled outfit, dear Bunny! You look magnificent! (That red snood is stellar - I want one just like it!)

    ♥ Jessica

  9. That is an absolutely perfect dress, Bunny! I'm so glad you had such a great time on your mini vacation!

  10. Lovely details :) But that dress is just stunning!


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