Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm an old-fashioned girl!

Old-fashioned Girls

I am an old-fashioned kind of girl. I am in many ways a product of my time but I was raised very, very old school. I don't know if it was traditional in any way of because of my culture but I was not allowed to go outside-EVER! I always had to wear a camisole and slip every time I wore a dress. I was not allowed to wear any makeup and chapstick was a battle (sheesh dad!!). I was also not allowed to have my school uniform skirt hemmed (although I begged and pleaded and I might even shed some tears!) like all the other girls. Yes my school skirt was down to my knees! Oh the horror!

Of course I was NOT allowed to date. My first boyfriend was when I was nineteen but I have no regrets, I actually skipped quite a lot of drama, precious tears, and lots of problems because I didn't date until I was in college. I still wasn't allowed but come on  now?! (giggles)

I am still told not to curse (gotta love my dad!) and yeah I am a very grown woman now! I can say it was a blend of 1940's style and being raised in a Hispanic household. And being the only girl in my family and the only grand-daughter-forget about it! I was defiantly raised in an old school, old fashioned way.

"Just an Old Fashioned Girl" by Eartha Kitt (1962)

I don't  mind that I was, but it would have been nice to be allowed to dress up like Jem from Jem and the Holograms and just let my funky self be expressive. But alas, I found other ways to express myself as a young girl. I wrote a lot, made my first little book by age nine and began journaling by age twelve. I also pen palled-does anyone remember that back in the 1980's-early 1990's? It was big then and I loved it. Believe it or not I still keep in contact with some of them and one of them is now one of my closest friends!

Now as an adult and a mother I still am old fashioned but a different kind of way. I throw myself into motherhood. I love planning my children's birthday parties, decorating my home and making it cozy, I am not a huge fan of cooking but I do enjoy seeing my husband smile after he tastes something I made. I love snail mail and am big--no, HUGE on manners. I say "thank you" to my children and husband whenever they do something for me. I believe in being polite, writing thank you cards, offering my guests something to drink---all those nice and old fashioned ways.

It was a  beautiful gift my father and grandmother gave me. I was annoyed and furious that I couldn't go and hang out outside and my older brother could but now I am grateful. I'm grateful that they took the time to raise me to be a lady, to have manners, to respect my elders (almost to a fault even!), and to carry myself with dignity and embrace my womanly delicateness.

Circa 1985~dressed as a preppy with my rollers.
Granny showed me a lady always takes care of herself.
I love the way she is looking at me. Love you mama! xox

I may wear jeans and t-shirts often but I am very lady-like. I think I would make my granny proud. I miss her more these days especially as I am becoming more involved with things from her time. I know she would be happy knowing that how she raised me has made me into an old fashioned woman. She would be proud knowing that I now raise my daughter with the knowledge that being a lady is a fashionable thing to be!



  1. Don't you love how old school our grandparents were??!!! My grandmother still doesn't wear sneakers! Even my parents are very traditional and although I didn't appreciate my parents' old fashioned ways when I was a teen, I'll definitely be imparting those same values to my daughter (and other children?).

  2. I couldnt agree more!!! Theres something kind of magical about tradition and manners. xox


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